How Long After Hurricane Is Storm Surge (And Why)?

Exact Answer: A Few Minutes

A storm surge might happen after a hurricane has passed and in most regions, the Coriolis force is responsible for increasing the surface level of the sea 12-24 hours before the landfall of the hurricane. The surge of a storm often occurs at the landfall and there could be chances of a large surge several hours before the hurricane hits landfall.

Storm surge means that the sea level has increased due to a tropical or extratropical cyclone moving towards the coastline. It is the tropical storm intensity that is responsible for the contribution of a storm surge height.

How Long After Hurricane Is Storm Surge

How Long After Hurricane Is Storm Surge?

How long will a storm surge last after a hurricane?Depending on several factors like its size and also the track of the hurricane it could last for several hours.
How long will it take for the storm to surge?Depending on the speed it could take about several minutes before the storm surges.

A tropical storm intensity might contribute to the height of the storm but other things like the forward speed, central pressure, and angle of the approach are also related. Storm surges can happen severely and can destroy human life too. The largest loss of life has been known to happen due to storm surge caused by tropical cyclones.

A storm surge happens due to several factors like the atmospheric forcings, drag of the wind, and also pressure droppings. Storm surges could last for several hours and on the other hand, they could also last for several days depending on whether the event makes it to landfall or passes.

Among the major factors forcing the storm to surge two of the most common ones are the dragging of wind and the atmospheric pressure. These two factors are the primary forcing factors responsible for a storm surge.


In places where the ocean is wide and shallow the Coriolis force is the primary factor for the increasing sea surface level. The wind also plays a crucial role for the storm to hit landfall and it is because of the wind a lot of destruction occurs.

Why Does It Take That Long After Hurricane For Storm Surge?

There are several factors that need to be considered before a storm surge after a hurricane. Some of the most common factors are mentioned above. If the storm is a severe one and is at its extreme speed then the storm surge could happen much faster.

The water that is pushed to the shore because of the hurricane is known as storm surge. Due to the rise of water at the sea level, a storm surge could be rapid and could be just in a few minutes. The water has got tremendous power.

During this time you might be asked to evacuate the area for some time or till the storm passes. It could be dangerous because the wind-driven water could be so powerful that it could have the capacity to sweep off you and your car.

And most importantly the debris that is washed off to the shore could be more dangerous than the storm itself. Pieces of buildings, trees, and other types of debris could be seen floating on the top of the storm surge and you might not be fortunate enough to stand on their way.

Storm Surge

Geologists predict the speed of the storm surge and accordingly, you might be asked to evacuate the area for safety reasons. Once the storm has passed you might be allowed to return to your homes.


A storm surge can happen anytime considering several factors for its occurrence. However, you should try to be safe during this time because a storm surge is one of the reasons for massive destruction along with several deaths.

You might receive an evacuation order from the government of your country and you should listen to them and evacuate when the time comes. It will not be safe for you and as well as for your family to stay near the coast during a storm surge.

Try to make necessary arrangements beforehand so that you do not have to face any kind of trouble whenever there is a storm surge. The waves hitting the land could be huge and dangerous so you should be away from the shore whenever there is a hurricane.


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