How Long After LH Surge Do You Ovulate (And Why)?

How Long After LH Surge Do You Ovulate (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24-36 Hours

Luteinizing Hormone also abbreviated as LH is responsible for triggering ovulation development in females only after there is a certain rise of LH. In other words, LH is a type of hormone that is produced by gonadotropic cells. LH is located near the brain and is made by the pituitary gland.

LH is responsible for developing sexual development and functioning and it helps control the menstrual cycle for females. LH is also responsible for triggering ovulation or egg from the ovary. However, ovulation will likely occur after a day and a half after LH surge.

How Long After LH Surge Do You Ovulate

How Long After LH Surge Do You Ovulate?

LHIt is a hormone made by the pituitary gland and is responsible for sexual development and functioning.
LH surge in femalesA surge in LH level in females helps determine when the person is about to ovulate.

According to experts, ovulation happens once in every menstrual cycle. Whenever hormone changes the triggering of an ovary to release an egg takes place. Whenever the sperm fertilizes with the egg it is then the female becomes pregnant. The period of ovulation starts or happens 12-16 days before a female’s period begins.

The egg releases when the estrogen surges and then the egg is fully ready to be released. Then the brain released the LH that triggers the ovulation process in females. Well, in case you are wondering when do the egg release from the follicle then that process happens about 24 hours later.

LH hormone is present both in males and females and there is a normal range as to how much LH should be. For men, the normal ranges would be 1.42 to 15.4 IU/L. Whereas in the case of females normal LH various normal ranges are depending on various things.

Whenever there is a surge in LH then many females can ovulate on the same day but average ovulation occurs within the next 12-48 hours in most females. Some females can ovulate even after two days of LH surge. So, there is nothing to worry about because it is not the same time taken to ovulate for everyone.

Why Does It Take That Long After LH Surge To Ovulate?

During the midpoint of your cycle LH surges to a high level and then the ovulation triggers about a day and a half later. The egg that is produced will only last for about 24 hours while a sperm, on the other hand, can remain active for about four to five days. Many couples are surprised that the female conceives before four to five days the egg releases.

The LH surge is important because it is responsible for ovulation and your fertility period. If a female is trying to get pregnant then this would be the best time to get pregnant making sure that they are having sex without any protection.

Since the egg survives for only 24 hours it would be the best time to conceive or else the fertile window is over. People who are wanting to become pregnant should know this so that they can become pregnant having the proper knowledge about the right time to become pregnant.

Females can identify or detect their LH surge as there are detectors available online or in most pharmacy stores. These kits (OPKs) function quite similarly to pregnancy tests and are quite simple to use because the measurement takes place checking the hormone levels of your urine.

Make sure you check the instructions written on the package of the kit because the indications of positive signs or negative signs could be different.


In the end, the whole process is natural and it has to be safe so that females can have the chance to become pregnant. Pregnancy is a natural process and the journey of 9 months is one of the best things that females want.

However, even after becoming pregnant, you have to be careful always. Your diet should be healthy and you should visit a doctor at least once or twice a week for a regular check-up. If you do not have an idea about LH then you can ask an expert about it or you can do a little research on the internet yourself.


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