How Long After Lawn Treatment Is It Safe For Cats (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 48 hours

Lawn adds beauty to our home. It is an extension of your home boundaries that serves as a playground for kids and pets. Spring season is loved by all but it comes with higher chances of illness for kids and pets. In this season, lawn fertilizing and treating are quite common. If you ingest high concentrations of fertilizers in your lawn then your pets or cats might experience abnormal temperature, vomiting, nausea, or seizures too.


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If putting pesticides is the only way to treat your lawn, then you need to make sure that your cats are away from the lawn. When your pet or cat comes in contact with lawn pesticides it might be harmful and leaves a negative impact on their health.

How Long After Lawn Treatment Is It Safe For Cats

How Long After Lawn Treatment Is It Safe For Cats?

Keep cats safe fromTime
Bug spray2-3 hours
Laundry Detergent powder1-2 hours

Are you incapable of searching for an option to clean your lawn? Then, go for pesticides. But if you have cats or pets then make sure that you keep your cat away from the lawn for about 2 days or 48 hours. Some pests companies say that you need to keep your cat away for about 6 to 12 hours. But don’t neglect your cat’s health. Keep them away for the longest time possible. As pests contain harmful chemicals so your cat’s health might get impacted. In this case, go for organic pesticides for obtaining a healthy and lush green lawn.

Why pesticides are harmful to cats? Pests and cats can’t be kept together. We are aware of the components of a pesticide that contains amounts of insecticides and herbicides. These ingredients are proven to injurious to pets’ health. The intake of these by your cats can lead to Canine malignant lymphoma.

If your cats intake the herbicides after lawn treatment then you can notice it in their urine and these herbicides treated lawns to tend to cause cancer in cats. When you have pets as cats then you need to keep their safety in mind. Make sure that the pests you use are less toxic. With that, do protect your cats from going out on the lawn and licking or getting their skin rolled with pests as it is harmful.

Why Does It Take This Long After Lawn Treatment For Cats?

If your cat gets exposed to the pests then you and your family too. Their paws and fur can carry these toxic chemicals indoor. Then, these chemicals get transferred to your kids and family. This can be risky for the health of the whole family. It’s not only with your cat even if you go out and sit on the lawn then the chemical will get transferred by you. To save the family and your cat you need to keep them away from the lawn where the pests are exposed.

These harmful pesticides and herbicides stay on the lawn for about 24 to 48 hours. So, make sure that your cat and kids are away indoors for this period. Avoid synthetic lawn treatments and go for organic products. Organic treatments feed the soil and make it healthy. Then, your lawn won’t require a synthetic lawn treatment ingested with pests.

The grass of your lawn will soak the part of your pests and will stay for some time. If it’s sunny outside, then you can easily check the water used with pests gets evaporated from the soil. When it’s the rainy season, then it might take a little longer time as the pests go deep into the soil. For safety measures, you can consult with a landscaper and they can tell whether the land is safe or unsafe.


Before you allow your cat to go outdoors make sure that your lawn is completely dry. So, that the paws of your cat won’t carry pesticides into your house. Fertilizers and pesticides are important to have healthier and greener lawns but these are toxic chemicals. They are harmful ingredients for pets and kids. It can make them sick. Before ingesting pests, do read about the ingredients and the directions for use. Make sure you don’t put anyone’s life at risk. Don’t think if it’s organic then it won’t harm or burn the skin of your cat.


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