How Long Does Mmilorganite Take to Work on a Lawn – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 week

Milorganite is a biosolids fertilizer brand which is produced by training sewage sludge. This is carried out by the Metropolitan Sewerage District.

The wastewater undergoes treatment with microbes, which helps breakdown organic matters. After that, sewage sludge is produced, which is a byproduct.

Furthermore, the sewage sludge is then treated using hot air with temperature ranging from 900 to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Afterward, the treated water is drained to lake Michigan.

The recycled fertilizer features phosphorous and nitrogen, which are essential nutrients for plant growth. Due to that, we shall discuss how long does milorganite take to work on a lawn and why in today’s article.

How Long Does Mmilorganite Take to Work on a Lawn


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How long does milorganite take to work on a lawn?

Factors that affect the milorganiteTime taken before it works
Rainfall1 week
High temperaturesA week and half

There are various factors associated with the amount of time taken for milorganite to work. It takes approximately one week for you to see changes in your lawn after applying milorganite.

Furthermore, an application of milorganite is capable of lasting for ten weeks, making it perfect for use in your lawn. With this fertilizer, you are assured of vibrant green grasses within a few days after application.

If you are looking for a lawn that perfect green, then milorganite is the ideal fertilizer for the job.

Why does it take longer to work on a lawn?

Milorganite is designed to release nitrogen into the lawn slowly as it grows. This makes it perfect for use for an extended period.

Furthermore, the milorganite fertilizer features iron, which enhances the vibrant green color in your lawn. The iron is as well released slowly into the soil at a slow rate.

Factors that affect the milorganite releasing process

By understanding how milorganite works, you will have a clear picture as to why it takes long before it works on your lawn. As previously mentioned, the fertilizer is made from dried microbes, which is processed via extreme heating and organic matter that is digested in water.

To prevent your lawn from excessive nitrogen content, the fertilizer is equipped with organic nitrogen, which makes it perfect for use. The high iron and nitrogen concentration makes it ideal for enhancing green color in your lawn.

Some of the factors that affect the time taken before the milorganite work include;

The amount of milorganite used

The quantity of milorganite used is exceptionally pivotal. You should consider applying milorganite the same level you will prefer a lawn; however, it should not be more than double the lawn rate.

Using an excessive amount of milorganite is only advisable for soil that is well balanced on lawn and tone. Furthermore, it should be capable of handling all sorts of organic material.


It is advisable to use milorganite fertilizer when the rainfall amount is approximately ¼ inch in quantity for a perfect result. Applying when the water content is right, then your grass will turn green within a few days.


You should note that milorganite fertilizer will not burn your lawn; therefore there is no need of worrying about burn spots or streaking.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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