How Long After Levothyroxine Can I Drink Coffee (And Why)?

How Long After Levothyroxine Can I Drink Coffee (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One Hour

Levothyroxine or also known as L-thyroxine is a medicine that is used to treat thyroid hormone deficiency. The tablet or the medicine can also be used to treat other types of thyroid tumors and is not indicated for weight loss management.

Several studies and researchers say that after taking the L-thyroxine tablets, within an hour of drinking coffee absorption is affected. Therefore, if you are taking this medicine then you should wait for at least an hour before you can drink coffee. If you want to take other medicines then also you need to wait for at least half an hour or 45 minutes before you take another medicine.

How Long After Levothyroxine Can I Drink Coffee

How Long After Levothyroxine Can I Drink Coffee?

After taking Levothyroxine medicine  A person must wait for an hour before he drinks his coffee.
Other medicinesA person if wants to take other medicines after taking L-Thyroxine then he should wait for at least 45 minutes before taking them.

People want a cup of coffee every morning before they start with their work and the same people are the ones affected by thyroid disease. However, drinking coffee is not restricted for people drinking coffee but it has to be consumed at a specific given time.

Medicines that you are taking will affect your body if you do not follow the instructions that have been provided to you by your doctor. This is one of the reasons why people suffering from thyroid should make sure that they do not drink coffee for the first hour after taking their Levothyroxine medicine.

If you drink coffee too close after taking your medicine then it will fluctuate your thyroid hormone levels and symptoms and as well as difficulties along with adjusting your dose. Most doctors recommend their thyroid patients to take their thyroid pills in the morning on an empty stomach especially and to wait an hour before they eat something.

These are some basic information or instructions that people suffering from thyroid should follow or there might be chances of complications in the future.

Why Does It Take That Long To Drink Coffee After Levothyroxine?

Since doctors recommend their patients to take their medicines in the morning on an empty stomach then there has to be a reason that the medicine affects your body when your stomach is full. Therefore, you should follow the instructions provided to you by your doctor to prevent fluctuations in your thyroid hormones.

Drinking coffee soon after taking an L-thyroxine tablet can lower the absorption of the thyroid medication in your intestines. The caffeine present in the blood is the main reason for the cause of this effect. Some medicines are left out from the stool before even getting absorbed into your body.

However, there is the option of certain gel or liquid formulations instead of taking solid tablets. These forms of medications are absorbed by the body quicker than the standard formulations. These forms of medications were introduced for people who have digestive and absorbing problems or have some kind of allergy issues.

Several studies have shown that people who took either gel or a liquid form of medication then it becomes easier for people to absorb. It can be consumed soon after you drink your coffee because it will have to negative impact on the absorption of thyroid hormone levels.

Never try to switch to another medication brand because that is not recommended at all. It will be the reason for the fluctuations of your thyroid hormones and might be dangerous for you. But, in case you are having a problem absorbing the medicine then switching to another brand might just help.


In the end, you have to be extremely careful about your medications. Take your medications on time and in case you are still facing some kind of problem then you should immediately consult with your doctor about it.

Do not ignore if you are having trouble absorbing the medicines. Check your stool if the medicines that you are taking are being removed from the body along with other toxins. Make sure your doctor knows about these situations and then accordingly he will adjust the dose of the medicine or choose another brand.  


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