How Long After LLETZ Can I Use Tampons (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 weeks

As the world progresses towards development in terms of technology and medical sciences.

 The doctors and the researchers get to know more about the body and different infections that the patients go through.

Many diseases were discovered when people complain about the same kind of pain, so the medical teams across the globe work towards exploring and finding the cause.

After the cause is found, the teams progress towards the treatments and how the pain can be removed. This is how the science world works. One of the diseases was the outgrowth of unwanted cells in the cervix treated with the LLETZ.

How Long after LLETZ can I use Tampons

How Long after LLETZ can I use Tampons?

LLETZ stands for large loop excision of the transformation zone that is a surgery carried out in the cervix to treat the abnormal growth of cells in the cervix called the pre-cancerous cells and turn into an issue in the future if not detected at an early stage.

The procedure starts with the cervix and uterus screening process to find any abnormality, and if found, then the surgery is begun whenever the patient is prepared.

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes; the surgeon starts with giving local anesthesia to numb out the pain in the cervix. The doctor inserts an electric medical wire that helps cut the pre-cancerous part, so no further issues are made.

After cutting, the part is sewed or stitched using a medical stitch so that the skin connects with the cells and the skin fibres.


The surgery is minor, but the after recovery can be a lengthy process. When the cells are removed from the cervix, they are further sent in the lab to check if it contains any cancerous properties.

If the cancer is detected, the process is treated to tackle cancer with chemo or any other procedure. If the state of cancer is small, then it can be killed with the medication.

If no cancer is detected, then the expected recovery is taken place. Still, many activities like heavy cardio, exercises, and swimming can come to a halt for a few weeks.

Infected AreaRecovery Time
Small (1 to 3 CM)1 week
Medium (3 to 5 CM)2 weeks
Large (5+ CM)4 weeks

Why does it Take so Long to Use a Tampon after the LLETZ?

A tampon is a part of the female hygiene products used during the menstrual cycle every month where the women place the tube-like structure into the cervix to stop the blood flow.

But after the LLETZ, the women’s cervix cells are electro-coated and cut to avoid further infection spread so that tampons can come to a halt with the other activities; therefore, the recovery depends most upon the rest factor, and that is the infected area.

For instance, if the women’s area of infection is small or minimal, the recovery can occur within a few weeks after the outgrowth is removed. The body can overcome the small cut as the blood vessels can quickly repair and close the skin cutting.

But if the area is large, then the recovery can take a lot of time as the body’s actions are slow to close the hole as the body can function only at a certain speed; therefore, this can halt the activities.


Medicines can kill or numb the pain and even make the process faster, but all the activity depends upon the body and the person’s will to get better.

Henceforth, after the surgery, the women are prohibited from using the tampons as they can cause irritation and stick to the infected area, which can even intensify the infection. The tampons can be used after the cervix is completely healed and no irritation or itching persists.


LLETZ stands for large loop excision of the transformation zone, which is a surgery carried out in the cervix to treat the abnormal growth of cells in the cervix called the pre-cancerous cells.

After the infected area is removed, it can form blood clots, itching, and irritation, with many everyday activities coming to a halt.

Tampons are completely prohibited till the woman completely recovers as they can stick onto the infected area and cause abnormal blood flow, irritation, and in some cases, intensify the infection further.

And the recovery majority deeds upon the one factor that is the part of the infected area, whether big or small.




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  1. This is an exposition, not an argument at all. The most important thing is to follow the doctor’s guidance. The time period is 4 weeks. The patient’s health is the most important thing.

  2. I don’t think it should take this long. I don’t think it’s fair for women to wait that long to do some of their daily activities.

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