How Long After Lletz Can You Exercise (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 48 hours (about 2 days)  

Large loop excision of the transformation zone, otherwise known as lletz, removes a small part of the cervix. This surgery is done to remove cancer from your cervix or diagnose cervical cancer. Generally, after this surgery, in most cases, you might not feel any difficulties and can get back to work the following day but some women tend to take a longer time to get healed which is completely fine. Lower abdominal pain is the most undergone after surgery pain for women. You can indulge in normal activities but you have to wait for a while before you can start heavy workouts.  

How Long After Lletz Can You


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How Long After Lletz Can You Exercise? 

Cervical abnormality is seen commonly in women around the world. Studies suggest that around 2,20,000 women get diagnosed with large loop excision a year.  A fine needle is placed in the area while doctors perform anesthesia, which results in pain or discomfort for 2 to 4 weeks (almost a month). You have to wait for two weeks to indulge in heavy exercises such as swimming as the wound wouldn’t have healed completely yet. Running, aerobics and other exercises that require you to strain your abdominal region have to be put on hold for 3 weeks or a month because it will result in bleeding.  

Type of Exercise The time needed to exercise after surgery 
Light exercise 2 days 
Heavy exercise 2 weeks  

You can indulge in mild workouts as long as it doesn’t give too much pressure. After a period of six months, you will be called to the hospital for a follow-up checkup. You are even advised to not drink plenty of water for two days as it will result in constipation which will hurt your abdominal region. They will check for abnormal infections or infections that could be very risky, in your cervix. Once that is cleared, you can get back to doing heavy workouts without any fear.  


Even if you do not have any of the symptoms mentioned above, such as a bad-smelling discharge or heavy bleeding, you are advised not to perform any hard physical activity because it will worsen your wound.  

Take enough rest for a day and get into regular activities slowly when you think you are ready for it. Heavy exercises and workouts can be resumed as time passes, approximately after 3 weeks.  


Although the procedure sounds scary, it is not. The treatment is not that painful and often results in successful surgery. There are many myths that come along with large loop excision surgery. Lletz is not going to affect your fertility as long as your cervix is healthy. The first period after the surgery is going to be a little more painful followed with heavy flow.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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