How Long Does It Take For Cervix To Heal After LLETZ (And Why)?

Exact Time: 4 to 6 weeks

Cervix is an extraordinary part of the female human system. Basically, it doesn’t allow bacteria to live in the uterus. Also, the discharge produced by it helps in cleaning the vagina. And helps in protecting the pregnancy. Cervix is part of the uterus which lies in the lower region of it. It is the passage from which menstruation comes and also the baby.

LLETZ is also known as Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure. It is the method of removing tissues of the cervix so that doctors can treat pre-cancerous related problems in the cervix. The unusual tissue is taken out with help of a wire that should be thin and should be in a loop form and this wire is heated with help of electricity.

How Long Does It Take For Cervix To Heal After LLETZ

How Long Does It Take For Cervix To Heal After LLETZ ?

Although the abnormal cells grow very slowly they can develop into cancerous cells. So, treatment is required for it. It is found cervix heal within six weeks. But there are some women who have healed quickly within 3 weeks. After Lletz, the cervix grows up. Its tissues grow back. LLETZ cut the abnormal tissues and stop any sort of bleeding occurring in the cervix within four to six weeks. Their effects finish up to 4 weeks.

You will get recovered within a day. And it is found that some women need one more day to recover from it. Since everyone is different so how they adapt varies accordingly. Hence, the process of healing varies from person to person. Long-term treatments are useful if anyone wants to get completely rid of cervix abnormal cells. The healing time remains the same but you have to visit to see if any abnormal growth is there or not.

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You get normal within 6 weeks. And the doctor will advise you of a checkup after 6 months after this treatment. So, if the doctor found any abnormal cells, you have to be treated again. You are being given the advice to stay in the hospital till you have passed the urine or you have to wait overnight if any complications occur. The bleeding from the vagina, any sort of pain lasts up to a week as the anesthesia given by the doctor finishes off.

Cervix To Heal After LLETZ
Age groupHealing time
Older women6 weeks
Younger women4 weeks

Why Does It Take So Long for Cervix To Heal After LLETZ ?

It varies from person to person. For the older women, the process of healing was not good and even they are unable to tolerate it. Worse than expected. So, age is the factor that affects the healing process. Many times it has been found that if the person is obese, then due to overweight they can have slowed down on healing of their cervix. A woman who is pregnant more than once also suffered such a healing process. And they also suffer great pain while healing.

It also depends on how much you take care of your wound. How much clean you are at that period of healing. Proper medication as told by a doctor is to be followed. There are more chances of not healing of the cervix or growth in infection occurs when people use tampons or else if they have sex with more penetration. All these affect the process of healing much more time than expected.


If a person is eating balanced diet food or food which doesn’t increase obesity chances, so healing process rate increases. Also, as told by the doctor you can go to your previous diet plan but it should be healthy. If anyone puts anything on their vagina then the process to heal the cervix gets affected heavily and can damage the more. It is being told by the doctor to avoid heavy lifting of weights till healing is complete as it can have a severe effect on healing.

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LLETZ prevents the development of cells into cancer in the cervix. After the operation, you can suffer from pain, bleeding of the vagina, and a change in the discharge from the vagina. But this ends within a few days or weeks. There are no risks after treatment with Lletz for women who are concerned about getting pregnant after it.

It is found that women can suffer cramps or pain in the tummy for at least 24 hours after the Lletz. If you want to continue to take alcohol you can take it after the treatment also in less quantity. Also, you can continue with mild exercises.


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