How Long After Lumpectomy Does Radiation Start (And Why)?

How Long After Lumpectomy Does Radiation Start (And Why)?

Exact Time: After 4 to 6 weeks

Lumpectomy is nothing but an operation in which some portion of breast tissues are removed, which can cause cancer, but it hasn’t spread yet. It is done in the treatment of deadly or uncontrollable tumors or cancer in breasts. Radiation has the ability to kill the remaining cells of cancer after surgery.

It is a serious surgery with many risks and so complications. It is meant only for early-stage cancer related to breasts. When it is done to remove cancer from the breast, it is then mostly followed by therapy which is radiation based so that there can be less chance of returning of cancer again.

How Long After Lumpectomy Does Radiation Start

How Long After Lumpectomy Does Radiation Start?

After lumpectomy, therapy through radiation is done. It is done in such a way so that radiation can destruct the remaining cells if present when surgery was done. It is being told by a doctor that they think that after 4 to 6 weeks of surgery they begin to do radiation therapy, which is given for six weeks, and every week it is administered for 5 days.

If anyone is also going to get chemotherapy, he has to firstly take it after that radiation therapy is to be done. Also for chemotherapy, the use of radiation starts after 3 to 4 weeks, when chemotherapy is completed. Some researchers tells that radiation should begin within six weeks when surgery is completed.

If there is a delay in radiation therapy or it is given after more than 7 weeks, it decreases the chance of local control. Many doctors say that there is no minimum time has been established between lumpectomy and radiation therapy.

Some women many times get diagnosed as having breast cancer during pregnancy. So, as suggested by doctors, women can have lumpectomy as found out then after giving birth to the child, they should go for radiation therapy. So, they didn’t have exposure to radiation therapy within 6 weeks as radiation can affect the unborn child.

For Normal People4 to 6 weeks
For Pregnant Womenafter giving birth to the child

Why Does It Take So Long To Start Radiation Therapy After Lumpectomy?

The time between radiation therapy and lumpectomy plays a very important role. Basically, any sort of radiation has many effects on any part of the body. So, these radiations after lumpectomy can affect the process of healing of the cells, so it is being suggested not to use it till the doctor suggests it. Also, it shrinks the tumor if used before any sort of surgery.

The type of food taken affects the radiation therapy most like salt, sugar, fats, etc. Also, intake of alcohol affects the radiation process too. So, there are chances of an increase in the time period as all of them affect the brain system and continual use affect the body hence increasing the problems in the body tissues.

Radiation Therapy After Lumpectomy

Many times due to pregnancy, women have to stop the radiation therapy for a time being as the radiation can have severe effects on the unborn child. So, there are more chances of delay and hence it can cause problem to the women. There are many factors that affect the time to give radiation therapy they are: how exactly was the tumor, which type of therapy is being given or age factors, person health condition also how he is after that surgery, etc.


The time for healing after this surgery can be from days to weeks. You can resume your work after a week or as suggested by the doctor. Also, you can do any sort of activities that may be physical or related to gymming. For a day or two days when surgery is done, you can have immense pain or be exhausted every minute. The skin where surgery is performed can be felt as sometimes swollen, delicate, or hard enough. All these go after day passes by. So, till then you should follow the doctor’s guidance and do what is being suggested by them.

If trying to skip the radiation treatment, then remember that skipping increases the chance of again occurring cancer. But it doesn’t affect that much to survival of humans.



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