How Long Does Wax Stay In Your System (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Around 30 days

Marijuana has many names. Weed, Hashish (or Hash), Cannabis, and so on. It is illegal in several countries, but some countries allow its consumption to a certain level. When one consumes Marijuana, its particles enter one’s body or system. These particles are also known as Weed wax or Cannabinoids.

The effect of Marijuana consumption may fade away in a couple of hours, but its wax or cannabinoids may stay in one’s system for a longer period of time. It may make wonder how long exactly the wax of weed or cannabinoid particles may stay in the human system.

How Long Does Wax Stay In Your System

How Long Does Wax Stay In Your System (And Why)?

Drugs alter our physical or mental state, or sometimes both. When one consumes any kind of drug, the effect of the drugs may fade away in a couple of hours. Although, drug particles may not leave the body. The particles of the drug, in the case of cannabis, wax, or cannabinoids, enter one’s system. These particles enter the body and then mix themselves with blood.

How long cannabinoids stay in one’s system or blood depends on how often they consume the drug. If a person consumed cannabis only once in their lifetime, its particles will leave the body in a matter of few days. For a person who consumed cannabis once and if they never consume it in the future, its particles should leave their body around a week or two.

If a person consumes cannabis in moderation, its particle may stay in their body for a comparatively longer time. The cannabinoid particle may stay in their body for about a month. It is also a common belief in general that cannabinoids stay in the human body for about a month.

If a person is a heavy consumer of cannabis, the particle may stay for even longer. Those who consume lots of cannabis may become the cause of wax staying in their body for more than a month. The particle may stay in a heavy consumer’s body from a month to up to two months. or even more in some cases.

Consumption Days wax stays in their body
One time7 -14 days
ModerateUp to a month
HeavyTwo months or more

Why Wax Stays In Your System For That Long?

When a person consumes any kind of drug, the drug mixes with their blood. So does Cannabis. The particles of Cannabis i.e., weed wax or cannabinoids mix themselves in blood. Through blood, they circulate in the whole body. Even though the outer physical and mental effect is done by Cannabis fades away, the wax or cannabinoid particles stay in the body. As they are merged with blood, they circulate all around the body. That is why wax stays for that long in one’s body.

Those who consume cannabis rarely or just once in their lifetime, their cells are more strong against cannabinoids. That is why their system loses the cannabinoids much faster. Their body merely takes a week or so to get rid of cannabis particles.

Those who consume cannabis in moderation, take a little more time to get rid of cannabinoid particles in comparison to the people who take it very rarely or just once in their life. Their system takes around a month to get rid of cannabinoid particles. This is also a generally accepted time period of cannabinoids particles leaving the body.

People who consume a lot of cannabis, without moderation keep the particles for an even longer period in their body. More cannabis enters the system before the previous one is removed. That is why it takes around a month or two to get rid of cannabinoids particles from the body if one consumes a lot of it.

It is also said that often the particles are stuck on body fat and stay even longer in the body.


In a lot of countries Cannabis, Marijuana, Ganja is illegal, but in some it is legal. When one consumes cannabis, the weed wax or cannabinoids enter their body. They mix themselves in blood and flow around the body along with the blood. It takes time for the body to remove these particles on its own.

If one consumes cannabis very rarely or just once in a lifetime, the cannabinoids may leave the system within a week or two. However, if one consumes more cannabis, their body takes more time to remove cannabinoids. If one consumes cannabis in moderation, their body may take up to a month to remove cannabinoids. If one consumes cannabis a lot, their body may take around two months to remove cannabinoids from their system.


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