How Long After Radiation Does The Mucus Stop (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Eight Weeks

Radiotherapy is the primary treatment to treat cancer, as cancer cells proliferate than other cells. A different mixture of compounds is used for therapy which often relies on Cancer type. Duration of treatment varies from person to person, from weeks to months. Radiotherapy may also be used for curing system disorders.

Radiotherapy is an effective way to treat cancer, bone marrow diseases, and many other medical conditions. But it has some side-effects as well. Although some of these are mild and can be treated, some can cause severe complications as well. Some of these include vomiting, bleeding, nausea, damage to lung issues, etc.

How Long After Radiation Does The Mucus Stop

How Long After Radiation Does The Mucus Stop?

Radiotherapy is of various types, including Standard Radiotherapy, Cytotoxic Radiotherapy, and Traditional Radiotherapy. Standard Radiotherapy works by killing the growing cells which are harmful to the body, like cancer cells. Cytotoxic Radiotherapy is a treatment that kills the rapid growth of harmful cells but does relatively minor damage to the normal cell, unlike Standard Radiotherapy, which kills both the cells. Traditional Radiotherapy, on the other hand, uses drugs that mainly help to kill the tumor cells.

There is a different goal for Radiotherapy depending upon the condition of the body, sometimes it can help get rid of all the harmful cells in the body, and other times it is a preventive procedure to prevent the growth of the harmful cells and to stop it from spreading in the body. The bone marrow is affected in a way that it would produce low red and white blood cells and blood platelets. The compromising of the white blood cells in the body makes the body prone to infection. Radiotherapy messes with the patient’s immune system, and whereas some people get back to normal after two or three months, it might take others up to even nine months to get their immune system back to normal. 

Mucus Stop
Case Of PatientTime After Radiation For Mucus To Stop
General caseEight weeks
Rare caseTen to twelve weeks

In most of the general cases, mucus stops after eight weeks, but in some rare cases, it is observed that it can go for a bit longer and might stop somewhere between the tenth and the twelfth week.

Why Does It Take That Long After Radiation For Mucus To Stop?

After Radiotherapy, the body becomes more prone to infections due to the lack of white blood cells. Hence, the immune system of the body is affected. All kinds of Radiotherapy would affect the body’s working; the severity of the action depends upon some factors like the kind of medication being taken, how often Radiotherapy is taking place, how long the treatment lasts, etc. There are two ways of the medicines being taken into the body, the first is in the shape of pills, and the second is intravenous treatments where the medicine is injected into veins in the arm, chest, or hands.

However, the person can take some measures to take care of their health even during Radiotherapy by following some rules. The first could be getting enough rest so that the body does not feel the fatigue of the Radiotherapy medicines and can relax. Further, a healthy diet plan should be discussed with the doctor to give the body energy, which can be otherwise drained during the procedure.

Mucus Stop

It takes that long after radiation for mucus to stop because the body is subjected to harmful gamma rays. There are various symptoms that you can find when the body is treated by radiotherapy. You may also experience chills or sweating. It is essential to contact the doctor in case of any medical emergency.


Radiotherapy is a treatment that uses drugs to kill the harmful, rapidly growing cells in the body. It is used to treat cancer but is also effective in bone marrow diseases and immune system disorders. During Radiotherapy, the drugs are entered into the body, either by pills or intravenous treatments, and attack the harmful growing cells in the body.

On average, it takes eight weeks for the mucus to stop after radiation. This happens because of exposure to gamma rays. You can take good care of your body before, during, and after radiotherapy. You need to take a good rest, exercise, and reducing stress.


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