How Long After Lupron Can I Get Pregnant (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Six Weeks

Lupron is an injection given to reduce the formation of estrogen by the ovaries. It treats prostate cancer and endometriosis along with breast cancer. This injection stops the periods that occur in a month and the egg formation process in the body. Because of it, it is found that bone loss or condition of osteoporosis has been recovered.



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Lupron can be given in the periods depending upon the criteria that person needs that medicine. The term leuprolide acetate also knows as Lupron depot. This medicine obstructs the formation of estrogen and testosterone in the body. It further prevents many cells from amplifying.

How Long After Lupron Can I Get Pregnant

How Long After Lupron Can I Get Pregnant?

Lupron effects decrease after the stopping of the medicine or shots. Initially, if you have taken Lupron, then there are many chances that you can suffer from a heavy period discharge within two weeks as the level of hormones increases rapidly. But after one month or two months, the menstrual cycle will stop as the hormone level has dropped. Doctors give these shots into the muscle of human beings. It has been found that if someone is taking a lupron shot after every three months, the menstrual cycle can return within four to eight months. But if taken at every month then it is resumed mostly within seven weeks.

If you are using injection for injecting Lupron, then within nine weeks menstrual cycle will restart. And if nasal spray is taken, then there are chances of return of periods within six weeks. When you are taking lupron in case of IVF and that too in the middle of the cycle, your vaginal bleeding can occur after two weeks. If you have a Lupron injection six times every month, then you will have no periods after that but a lot of pain near the vaginal area and so no bleeding.

EventsInformation Regarding The Events
No Formation of Eggs after LupronTwo to three months if taken regularly
Pregnancy after LupronSix weeks after stopping the treatment

After starting the treatment with Lupron injections, it prevents the periods from coming for two to three months if taken regularly. If a woman wants to be pregnant, she has to discontinue the treatment and wait six weeks to get pregnant.

Why Does It Take That Long After Lupron To Get Pregnant?

Lupron treats many health-related issues like puberty at a young age, and also, if someone has cancer and during chemotherapy, you have to prevent periods, then lupron can be used. So, the medicine needs a reasonable amount of time to be on their work. If asked for how much time we have to use this medicine, it depends on the sufferings you are passing by and how severe the condition is of fibroids. If this is cancer, you have to take this medicine for a long time to prevent the tumor from enhancing. But for fibroids and endometriosis, the dosage of lupron shouldn’t be for a long time.

This medicine prevents the periods that come in a woman every month. It is also used in IVF. So, one thing more, which type of treatment using drugs affects the time of lupron. If you are using an injection for lupron or if nasal spray is taken, then according to their early effect, they can make the periods come early or lately. As endometriosis is not an acute disease but a chronic one; and its infection causes pain and causes the inability to give birth to a child.

It takes that long to get pregnant because the medicine is needed to be stopped, and the body needs time to adjust. The doctor’s impact on lupron dosages should be more, and hence the time taken by them should be significant for a woman to get pregnant.


Overall, it can be concluded that Lupron can cause anxiety, depression, acne, pain in the joints, irritation in the vagina of women, fever, headache, weight gain, and a few others. Patients may suffer from an increase in cholesterol and loss of fluids such as water from the body. After a few months of therapy, the medicine should be stopped to get pregnant.

On average, it takes six weeks after stopping Lupron to get pregnant as the body needs sufficient time to adjust and heal after the drug. The medicine prevents excessive bleeding and periods which are not regular. It reduces fibroids when treated fully. It reduces the pain caused by any one of the following problems.


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