How Long After Yasmin Can I Get Pregnant (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 3-4 months

Yasmin is a medication having a combination component of estrogen and progesterone. This medication is taken to avoid pregnancy. If you have decided to have a baby and to get pregnant. But if you have been using birth control pills or Yasmin for a very long time, you may have confusion regarding pregnancy. Whether it affects the certainty of getting pregnant or not. 

There may be conditions when you may have to wait for at least 3-4 months after stopping the medication of Yasmin. This time may be a little longer for you. But in the long run, it has no such bad effects on your fertility. 

How Long After Yasmin Can I Get Pregnant

How Long After Yasmin Can I Get Pregnant?

After taking birth control patch3-4 months
After taking birth control pills like Yasmin1-3 months

The chance of getting pregnant would be more than those who have used barrier methods like condoms or diaphragm. Avoiding these barriers will ultimately lead to pregnancy. But for those women who use birth control pills or Yasmin.Generally, the women who stopped using the birth control pills, or avoided any safe guide methods get pregnant after a few months of continuing this. Another vital role to get pregnant is your health. Your lifestyle habits may risk your overall health and indirectly you will suffer the chance of getting pregnant. 

The exact answer may be different for different women for getting pregnant after stopping pills.But in most cases, women have the chance of getting pregnant. Stopping the combination of estrogen and progesterone increases the possibility of pregnancy, within one to three months.And in some, it may take a year to get pregnant. One study says that those women who used the pill for a long term have greater fertility. It is estimated to be 4 years or more.


The group of women who are using progesterone or a mini pill then, they may be able to conceive after the period of some days or weeks of quitting. The reason for this happening, may be, for the mini pill or progesterone pills. They don’t always halt the process of ovulation as it is in the case of pills having estrogen. The only action they do is progesterone pills that thin the lining of your uterus. And when you stop taking these mini pills the lining of the uterus starts thickening again. 

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Why Can I Get Pregnant So Long After Yashmin?

Most often, Birth control pills are used by most women to guarantee menstruation and to prevent pregnancy. Some go for IUDs or intrauterine devices. IUDs are considered to be the safest way to avoid pregnancy. This is also long-lasting from any other barriers. In the case of IUDs, the possibility of getting pregnant is right after your doctor removes your IUD. This is because using IUDs doesn’t cause any biological changes in our bodies. 

The only action is to stop the sperm from reaching the fertilized egg. So when those IUDs are removed within one month you will start ovulating like usual. Like IUDs, when your doctor detaches the implants from the body your possibility of getting pregnant starts. But ovulating is up to your body. If you are that much healthier then biologically ovulating will happen.

A birth control patch is one of the ways to avoid pregnancy. This procedure works by releasing estrogen and progesterone into the bloodstream through the skin. In this case, you may get pregnant 3-4 months after stopping the use of birth control patches. 


In every case, you have to ovulate to get pregnant. If you are suffering from any other gynecological problem then conceiving may be a little harder. Poor health with some irregular period history may also affect the possibility of conceiving. That’s why it’s always said that a healthy lifestyle should be maintained by a woman to conceive. A healthy lifestyle will maintain the period cycle and of course, it will lead to a healthy pregnancy life.

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Experts say that the women may have a risky chance of miscarriage, If their is a pregnancy happen meditate pausing of pills. But some researchers say that it’s safe to conceive right after you quit. So it’s not the same for every woman. If you get pregnant just after a month of stopping pills then don’t worry, most women have a healthy pregnancy period after stopping pills. 

Women’s full fertility may need some time and this also depends on which type of barriers they have used. It is also a fact that when you reach age 25, your ability to get pregnant decreases with age. So this may be the reason why after you stop using Yasmin or Yasmin-like constituents then getting pregnant is a bit time taking.


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