How Long After MCL Tear Can I Run (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 2 To 3 weeks

When a tear occurs in the medial collateral ligament of the knee, which causes a hell out of pain, it is known as an MCL tear. This ligament connects the bones which are present in the thigh and knee. Whereas the LCL also known as Lateral Collateral Ligament, mainly runs along the outer part of the knee.

The ligaments consist of the strong and connective tissues, and a sprain stretches the ligament. And this can, later on, become a severe injury. However, this Medical Collateral Ligament tear can be treated with ice, or a knee brace, or by some physical therapy. And if the injury is severe, then surgery is the only option left for the betterment.

How Long After MCL Tear Can I Run

How Long after MCL Tear Can I Run?

Time Taken for A-Grade Healing1 Or 2 Weeks.
Time Taken For Grade 2 Healing2 to 4 weeks
Ice Apply Per 2 Hours2 to 4 times

Physical exercise is something that requires a minimum amount of concentration and fitness. Starting from the head to the leg, every part of the human body should be fit and fine. Otherwise, this craving for fitness can lead someone into further complications. And it would create more impact if you have some injury or tear, and just after surgery or recovery, you are trying to have physical exercises.

It is to be strictly noted that, one must go under a rest period of at least 2 to 3 weeks, before starting his sprinting. As the MCL tear can be of two types, both have different periods to heal. The first type of tear which is an A-Grade tear is a minor tear, and it mostly takes a few days, or a week and a half to heal. After this enough period, one may return to his or her normal activities, which also include sports.

But the Grade 2 tear, is a little complicated one and can take more than a couple of weeks, to four weeks, to heal properly. Sometimes, this tear is so serious that, the surgery becomes simply necessary. But some cases also get solved with physical therapy.

But whichever type of surgery it might be, the rest period is really important, before returning to normal life. Although with each type of surgery the resting period also varies, it is also important to follow the instructions and the necessary precautionary measures assigned. Hence, after almost 2 to 3 weeks after the MCL tear, one can again start running.

Why Can I Run So Long After MCL Tear?

As said before some MCL tears are a little complicated and sometimes the ligaments are torn in a way that, they cannot heal themselves. In these cases, the only way to fix the wound is by surgery. These cases take a lot more time than the normal ones, to get fixed and return to a normal stage. Hence, running after these surgeries is just like asking yourself to dive into a pool full of fire. The next decision of when you can start walking or running must be taken by the physical therapist.

Some physical therapists may also advise you to start walking slowly after a little relief from the pain. But this walking also must be done, by wearing knee braces, or crutches, which would help further to reduce any strain or complications on the MCL. To get further relief, one may also apply some ice packs for 15- 20 minutes, every 2 to 3 hours. This would help in reducing further swellings. With applying ice, one can also try massage therapy or physiotherapy.

These are some fruitful ways to get rid of this surgery easily. Apart from this, there is a therapy named, laser therapy which can help all these recovery periods and can help minimize scar tissue. With MCL, one may also face sleeping problems. It becomes sometimes difficult to find a proper sleeping position during this period. But one can also try using a pillow in support of the painful parts. Or he can also put the pillow in between his knees to feel comfortable. Hence, these are the reasons why sometimes it takes this long after MCL to recover and run, and how can it be solved easily.


The MCL surgery is a painful one and may provide different types of complications. But it gets also get cured easily if treated properly. The ligaments can heal faster if they are treated in a proper way to promote a good amount of blood flow within them. Regular use of ice and proper movement can also help in reducing the healing period.

Hence, once this healing period starts decreasing, one can start with physiotherapy, and then slowly, one can also start doing his regular works and also start running. But it is strictly noted that this period of resting should be in focus before further problems nudge in.


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