How Long After Fully Dilated Is Baby Born (And Why)?

How Long After Fully Dilated Is Baby Born (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 20 minutes

Amid the active labor stage of incubation, the cervix will become wider to open up the birth canal, this procedure is termed dilation. The lowest portion of the uterus accessible through the dilation process leads to Labor pain. This dilation function is attained during the three stages of labor pain, in this epoch cervix is dilated from 1 cm to 10 cm, and the mother womb is established at the fully dilated phase.

This meticulous process starts in between the third trimester (37 to 42weeks of pregnancy), The cervix tends to shift forward during this period. The fully dilated cervix is a manifestation of the beginning of the process of childbirth.

How Long After Fully Dilated Is Baby Born

How Long After Fully Dilated Is A Baby Born?

Dilation of cervix up to10 cm
The active phase of labor and childbirth3 hours

As mentioned earlier, the dilation process is a substantial cause of labor pain, hence we need to understand the labor stages which ultimately act as a pathway for dilation. contractions, childbirth, removal of the umbilical cord are the three aspects of labor. The first stage is subdivided into two phases. The first one, the latent phase in which the cervix opening up the uterus up to 2-3cm to create room for the fetus. The cervix is getting prepared for the main spectacle.

The phase continues with irregular contractions notably, not so long and stronger, but due to small dilation, the cervical canal along with the cervix will experience some pressure. According to some reports, only 8 to 10 percent of women reveal that water in the breaks before they step into the active stage of labor. The active stage is the integration phase in the labor as the dilation reaches around 5-6 cm, it’s the game-changer moment as the contractions are becoming stronger and longer and can last up to 1-2days or few hours in some cases.

Fully Dilated

Generally, a woman dilates from 0.5 cm-0.7 cm per hour amid this phase. Heavy muscular cramps, backache, pressure on the cervix and uterus are the common symptoms found in the labor phase. With the increase in the rate of dilation, the cervix widens up to 10cm and the full dilation stage is established, which indicates that the cervix is ready to acclimate the passage of the baby’s head into the vagina within 20mins to two hours, leads to childbirth.

Why Is A Baby Born So Long After Fully Dilated?

According to many surveys, the spam of labor pain varies from woman to woman. In labor interval woman’s cervix gone through several changes, its shape started to change gradually from the size of cheerios to a huge bagle, by considering the shape changes in the cervix, I.e by measuring the fully dilated cervix (10 cm widen), a woman can get prepared for the delivery process. So, the query continues, why do we need to wait for delivery till full dilation?

Well, this is because the cervix will open up to a wide range I.e 10cm at the fully dilated stage and this is the perfect time when the obstetrician will start up the pushing mechanism. This crucial and complicated process can be attained only if the cervix is fully dilated. the question arises, what if a woman wants to push the baby before getting fully dilated? For this may be the midwife and doctors hold back the decision to do so. Pushing before fully dilation makes the woman feel exhausted and even swallow the cervix which can give rise to so many complications like delaying in delivery.

Fully Dilated

In other instances delaying pushing after full dilation is also not advisable, as the survey said it can cause excessive bleeding. So delaying or earlier in push could hurt a mother’s physical and mental health. Wholly fully dilation is the phase at which the gynecologist commences the pushing mechanism and eventually, childbirth becomes a Lil bit easier. In the 3rd stage of labor umbilical cord will be cut out within 5-30mins and the process is accomplished.


From the above-mentioned data, it is clear as crystal that giving birth to a baby is not that easy, but all one can do is wait for the arrival of the perfect moment for beginning the childbirth process, and that is nothing but the full dilation stage. The effacement (thinning of cervix) process is done by stimulating labor in many cases to achieve the fully dilated stage.

After the appearance of this stage women can give birth to their baby within 20mins to 2hours. At the end of this process, all the sufferings are well worth it as a woman turns into a mother and can hold the baby in her arms with too much pride and ecstasy.


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