How Long After Fraxel Can I Exercise (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 24 hours to 48 hours

Treatments are a fractional reconfiguring of the skin using advanced laser technology. This treatment is known as Fraxel treatment. Most often people go for this treatment because it helps eliminate wrinkles, sun UV damage, large pores, and other skin-related problems. So basically this technology helps and allows the patient the improvement in the quality of his/her skin which has a very less and affordable recovery time.

So coming to the point, the thing is that the lasers mainly target damaged skin. According to a report by the Hackensack University Medical Centre, which mainly focuses on helping in removing those damaged skins and then allows new skin to precisely replace finely.

But the most important thing is that those initial few days and even after months of the respective treatment are very vulnerable. Still, there are some other things the patient must avoid just to allow the skin to heal appropriately. And this also gives time to the patient to show the best results and their respective effects from the treatment.

How Long After Fraxel Can I

How Long After Fraxel Can I Exercise?

Patient having Fraxel Restore Treatment24 Hours to 48 Hours
Patient having Fraxel Repair Treatment7 days to 10 days

So Coming here, we have already known that what this Fraxel means. Fraxel is of many types. Just like the Fraxel Restore treatment and Fraxel Repair treatment. Both have their way of treating the face. And it that way makes them different from each other in their degree of aggression. But after knowing about this treatment the question comes in that how long after this Fraxel treatment, we are or the patients should follow their routine of regular exercise. This is because to keep ourselves healthy, we need regular exercise.

And if one session of exercise gets missed out by us then it only gets levied upon us. So it’s too difficult to miss them out. Precisely a non-affordable thing. But we can’t let do exercise at least before 24 to 48 hours if we had Fraxel restore. This is because having our exercise session would result in sweating. And basically, we know this thing that sweating doesn’t come alone rather it brings excessive itching and irritation together.

But if it’s a Fraxel Repair treatment then the skin should be left for almost 7 to 10 days without any contradiction. But a specific piece of advice given is that, act as per the instructions of a physician or a doctor. It would always be a suggestive idea and cautious advice, just to stay home and let your skin get enough time to get repaired on its own. So, it became clear that it will this much time to restart the exercise again.

Why Can I Exercise So Long After Fraxel?

So before proceeding further into this topic it is made clear all these things provided above are mere results of research and assumptions. But this thing is again made clear that, don’t rely on it because it’s better to consult with a practicing physician or a registered doctor for an analytical review. So next coming back to the topic, that we knew how will it take. But now the question arises that why will it take this for the patients to start their exercises again. So here come a detailed answer to this question.

Another report according to the Hackensack University of Medical Centre says that most of the patients must plan to take a minimum week off. This is because under work and pressure it will not get enough or the proper time to recover from the following treatment. After that, the body of the respective patient is going to work optimally to repair and regrow after the treatment.

And for the sake of the skin, you need to avoid overexertion. And if not acted accordingly the face will be going to have serious redness and some amount of puffiness. And after that, it might feel like you got a sunburn. Apart from them, Fraxel causes puffiness and in being under this state exercise can be harmful. This is because it promotes further swelling. That’s why it’s highly restricted to have exercise sessions just to avoid these problems. But the most minimum time taken will be 24 to 48 hours in done the Fraxel Restore treatment. Unless the period must increase.


So from the above discussion, it’s much clear that Exercise and other activities causing harm to the skin is highly prohibited. This is because, after this serious treatment on sensitive skin, it needs time to relax. And undue during this time, it heals.

But it’s always better to consult with a doctor before taking any decision either about skin or health. So taking time to its repair and regrow is a much better option.


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