How Long After Meniscus Surgery Can I Workout (And Why)?

How Long After Meniscus Surgery Can I Workout (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Four Weeks

A meniscus is a term that is used to refer to the fibrocartilaginous anatomical structure in the body, which is crescent in shape. It is helpful for partly dividing the joint cavity, unlike an articular disc which ultimately divides the cavity. The meniscus is present in the body at several places, such as the wrist and the knee.

Many joints such as the temporomandibular, sternoclavicular, and acromioclavicular joints in the human body have meniscus present in them. However, the specific joints which have meniscus are different in animals as compared to humans. It is a crucial body ligament, and proper care should be taken of it.

How Long After Meniscus Surgery Can I Workout

How Long After Meniscus Surgery Can I Workout?

The most common meniscus injury that happens in individuals is known as the tear of the meniscus. It is caused because of the rupture of various fibrocartilage strips of the meniscus. The rupture can be in one or more than one strips. Tearing of the meniscus takes place because of walking or squatting very frequently. This type of injury happens because the pressure is felt on some specific parts of the joints that lead to the tearing of the strips. It is essential to decide on specific exercises to perform and not put extra effort as painful.

A medial meniscus is also present in the body. This meniscus is present in the medial ligament of the knee. If a person is hit on the knee in an accident or by a physical blow, then the medial meniscus can get injured. If a person falls heavily on the knees, then also the medial meniscus can get injured. Meniscus surgery is performed for treating an injured meniscus in cases if it is torn or is injured in an accident.

Workout After Meniscus SurgeryTime After Meniscus Surgery
Basic workoutFour weeks
Intense workoutEight to ten weeks

It is recommended not to use the knee stressfully for a few weeks after the surgery. If a patient wants to go for a workout, then a basic workout can be practiced four weeks after the surgery. In contrast, if a patient wants to do an intensive workout and wants to perform exercises that leave a lot of stamina, they must wait eight to ten weeks after the surgery.

Why Does It Take That Long After Meniscus Surgery To Workout?

Meniscus surgery is a very emphatic process, and it requires a lot of precision and accuracy to carry out the surgery safely. Meniscus repair surgery is performed chiefly on young or not older patients than forty or forty-five years of age. If the surgery is performed on older patients, it can be harrowing and might be excruciating for the patient’s knee. An antiseptic is applied to the surgical area before making an incision, and anesthesia is also given to the patient so that they don’t feel a lot of pain during the surgery.

It takes that long after meniscus surgery to work out because the knee needs ample time to recover and heal properly. Painkillers are given to the patient after the surgery to reduce the pain. They are advised to keep the knee in a resting position for two weeks and not move them too often. After the surgery is completed, the patient is moved to the recovery room for monitoring purposes. Their recovery is monitored for three to four days after the surgery, and then they are discharged from the hospital.


Patients are advised to take the medicines regularly after the surgery and start resuming their normal activities after a few weeks. They can start strolling after two weeks and keep on practicing. Further, they can start performing basic exercises after they feel better, which takes four weeks.


Finally, it can be concluded that the meniscus is a very crucial ligament of our body. It is present in various joints and is also present in the knees. Meniscus injury can take place if the knee gets badly injured by accident or due to falling. This type of injury is excruciating, and the patient might not be able to use its knee for some time.

On average, it takes around four weeks after the surgery to perform basic workout exercises. However, if a patient wants to do intense workout exercises, then they must give eight to ten weeks of rest to the knee. It is imperative to follow the medical expert’s guidelines for fast recovery.


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