How Long After Otoplasty Can I Shower (And Why)?

How Long After Otoplasty Can I Shower (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After Four Days

Otoplasty is referred to the surgical and non-surgical procedures carried out to correct different types of defects and deformities detected in the pinna, which is the outer part of the year. The defects and deformities are corrected by creating an ear on the external area with the same natural proportions.

The ear has a similar appearance and contour as the previous ear. The process is done by reshaping and moving the cartilaginous framework present in the pinna. This process is carried out by a surgeon who has prior experience in reshaping deformities of the ear and requires a lot of precision and accuracy.

How Long After Otoplasty Can I Shower

How Long After Otoplasty Can I Shower?

There are multiple reasons which can result in the need for an external ear replacement by Otoplasty. In most cases, the ear is damaged due to an accident or injury. Wrestlers and fighters face this problem most as they get injured in the face from time to time. Boxers do wear protection on their ears, but a heavy blow or punch can cause injury to them as well. In some cases, accidents such as falling hard on the ear, the ear is bitten by an animal, or a blast near the ear might also result in a damaged ear.

The pinna that is treated in an otoplasty surgery is very soft and is made up of cartilage. Pinna is also termed as auricle or auricula by medical experts in different parts of the world. It is the only part of the ear that is outside our head and is visible to everyone. The main work of this part of the ear is to hear sound. It works as a pathway for sound waves to enter our ear, and then they are received by the optic nerve cells. Further, these sound waves are detected by the brain, and human beings can distinguish what type of sound was heard.

Number Of Ears TreatedTime Taken To Shower
One earAt least two days
Both the earsAt least four days

It is advised not to take a shower immediately after the treatment. If only one ear is treated, the patient must wait for two days to shower. The patient should avoid water contact with the treated ear even after two days while taking a shower. If both the ears are treated, then a shower should be taken only after four days of treatment.

Why Does It Take That Long After Otoplasty To Take Shower?

The ayurvedic physician Sushruta is credited for the development of Otoplasty, and he carried out the treatment firstly in Ancient India in the late 5th century. At that time, natural herbs and lotions were used to treat the injured area. As modern technologies were invented, multiple innovations were made in the procedure. Medical students have given immense contributions to improving the quality of the treatment.

It takes that long after otoplasty to shower because the ear needs an ample amount of time to recover and heal. It is advised not to shower because water can nullify the effect of stitches put in around the ear. Also, the shape in which the ear is designed might get damaged by water. Rubbing near the ear might also cause trouble in the treated area. It is recommended to keep the stitches intact for some time so that the ear attains the structure quickly.


Otoplasty is an empathetic process, and it is crucial to follow all the guidelines given by the medical staff operating. The treated ear must be protected from any further damage as the surgery is very costly, and it is not easy to afford it twice. In the first place, individuals should always protect the ear from getting damaged by injuries or fights. The ear is a vital organ of our body, and severe damage can lead to impairment in hearing.


Finally, it can be concluded that otoplasty is a procedure that helps treat damaged or deformed parts of the external ear. Whether surgery is required or not depends on the condition of the ear and is decided by the medical staff operating.

On average, a patient should avoid going for a shower for two days if one ear is treated. A minimum of four days should be given to the ears if both of them are treated. Proper care of the ear is paramount in this treatment, and the patient must follow all the doctor’s instructions.


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