How Long After Gynecomastia Surgery Can I Workout (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two Days

Gynecomastia surgery is a surgery that is performed to treat the medical condition named Gynecomastia. In this condition, a man’s breasts are enlarged because of the overproduction of hormones like androgen and estrogen. There needs to be a balance in the levels of these two hormones for the breast tissues to remain in control.



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However, when these two hormones rise, an imbalance is caused in the body, and it results in the enlargement of breasts. This imbalance is common in women because their breasts need to grow naturally. But if these hormones increase in a man, then the breasts of the man are also enlarged.

How Long After Gynecomastia Surgery Can I Workout

How Long After Gynecomastia Surgery Can I Workout?

Gynecomastia is one of the most common breast disorders that are faced by men. This disorder is known to affect approximately thirty percent of men, and it is mainly observed in men above the age of fifty. However, this can also be observed in those patients who are fat or are obese. It is natural for the breasts to enlarge in the case of boys for some time. After reaching adolescence, a boy’s breasts tend to come out a little and grow very slowly for two years. After this, the growth is stopped. However, in some patients, this is not true, and there can be two cases.

In the first case, there are such patients whose enlargement stopped after two years of adolescence, but the speed of enlargement was more than usual. In these cases, the breast grows more than expected. However, it is customary in many boys and is not a primary concern until the breasts grow abnormally large. In the second case, though, the growth might be slow, but it is possible that it doesn’t stop after two years. This leads to the slow and continuous growth of the breasts. The effects of these cases start becoming visible in the early thirties and need medical attention immediately.

Type Of WorkoutTime After Gynecomastia Surgery To Workout
Light workout like runningTwo days
Intense workout like weight liftingOne week

It is not advised to work out immediately after the Gynecomastia surgery. If a patient wants to do light workouts such as running, then two days rest is required. However, to do intense workouts such as weight lifting, the body needs a minimum of one week.

Why Does It Take That Long After Gynecomastia Surgery To Workout?

Multiple signs can indicate that a patient has Gynecomastia. The most obvious one is the enlargement of the breasts. It is to be noted that both breasts don’t need to get enlarged. In some patients, only one breast grows. In some cases, both the breasts grow. There have also been cases when both breasts have grown, but the growth is more than the other. The doctor identifies these things and helps in the recovery of the patient.

The primary reason for Gynecomastia is the change in estrogen and androgen levels of the patient’s body. The increase in estrogen level and the simultaneous decrease in androgen levels leads to these medical conditions. There can also be other combinations of the hormones, but this is the most primary one to affect patients worldwide. In fewer cases, gynecomastia is also caused due to the regular use of drugs. Therefore, it is recommended not to do drugs regularly.

It takes that long after gallbladder surgery to work out because the body needs ample time to rest and recover. It is not allowed to put a lot of pressure on the upper body after the surgery. Appropriate rest must be given to the upper body, or it can be excruciating for the patient.


Finally, it can be concluded that Gynecomastia surgery is performed to treat the condition in which a man’s breasts are abnormally enlarged. It is common in many men and is generally observed in patients over the age of fifty. The leading cause behind this condition is the abnormalities in the hormone level of the body.

On average, a workout should be avoided for a minimum of two days after the surgery. The increase in estrogen level and the simultaneous decrease in androgen levels leads to these medical conditions. In case of any medical emergency or discomfort, it is imperative to contact the medical experts as soon as possible.


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