How Long After Minoxidil Can I Shower (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 4 hours

Hair loss is the most commonly faced problem in today’s world. Children and adults of all age groups face this problem. Although hair loss is natural during old age, excessive hair loss at a young age affects the appearance of an individual thereby affecting his confidence levels. The most common reason for hair loss is the rising levels of pollution in our environment. However, irrespective of the reason for hair loss, it is important to cure it lest it might lead to other problems and may affect an individual’s process of socialization.



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Minoxidil is the medication that is generally administered to persons who face problems due to excessive hair loss. It helps in combating baldness thereby promoting the growth of new hair.

How Long After Minoxidil Can I Shower

How Long After Minoxidil Can I Shower?

Minimum time3 hrs.
Maximum time4 hrs.

For those persons who experience excessive hair loss suddenly under 35 years of age, they can get their problems solved by regular intake of this medication. Although it has been proven absolutely safe and effective for about 50 years, the problems recur after the stopped intake of the medication. Minoxidil has been a boon to all those persons who tend to keep themselves secluded due to lowered self-confidence gifted by excessive hair loss. Although there are other methods like hair transplantation that give better results than this medication, the medication is quite cheap and is easily available.

One should consult the doctor to know the exact reasons behind hair loss. If the doctor prescribes to take the medication, then the individual should follow the instructions mentioned in the label along with those given by the doctor. Generally, it is advised to use this medication twice each day for about 6 months. It is essential to use the medication in the right proportion as advised by the doctor. Deviation from the prescribed medication may lead to other unwanted problems.

If you exceed the prescribed dosage, then there are chances that you will notice an excessive rate of increase in hair growth. But, at the same time, you even increase the chances of risks of complications and side effects. Hence, it is very important to use the medication as and when prescribed. The medication is available in liquid form which one has to apply on the scalp twice regularly. The medication comes along with applicators that assist an individual in applying the liquid evenly over the scalp.

Even distribution is necessary to yield the best results. Hence, it is advised to use the applicators provided along with the medication. The first applicator is the metered style type which is recommended to be used for large wide regions of the scalp. The second applicator is the extended spray type which is recommended to be used for smaller deep regions of the scalp. Both these applicators are to be used together along with the rubbing type of applicator.

Why Should I Wait So Long To Shower After Minoxidil?

There is a fixed procedure which one should follow to get the best results. The hair including the region of the scalp should be absolutely dry before the application of this medication. No hair treatment solutions or processes should be carried on the scalp. Colouring of hair, dying or any kind of treatment should be avoided during the period of medication. One should take this proper amount of medication and start applying it from the center of the scalp. The applicators help to make the medication reach the deepest corners of the scalp.

It is recommended not to use shampoo on the hair and scalp for about 4-6 hours of application of the medication. This provides enough time for the medication to be absorbed by the hair shafts and start showing the effects. After the application of the medication, one should wash the hands properly as there are chances that the residual medication left unwashed on the hand may enter into the skin and get mixed with the blood of the blood vessels thereby leading to complications.

The medication should be left as it is too dry. Dryers should not be used for this purpose. Heat treatment is strictly prohibited during the course of this medication. After the medication has completely dried, one can go to sleep. One should ensure that the medication has completed dried lest it may lead to stains in beds, pillows, and dress. If you experience any kind of side effects, then you should consult the doctor first before going for further application of the medication.

The possible side effects include itching, scaling, burning sensation leading to irritation of the scalp. Sometimes, severe side effects like excessive abnormal weight gain, swelling of various parts of the body, breathlessness, angina, increased blood pressure may also be noticed. On noticing the side effects, it is advised to talk to the doctor at the earliest.


The strength of the medication should be decided by the doctor keeping in mind the condition of the patient. Adults should use 1 ml of the medication two times a day daily. Children below the age of 13 years are not allowed to use the medication. The medication should be stored carefully in an airtight container far from the influence of heat and sunlight. The medication should not be kept in the refrigerator. It is best to be kept at room temperature.

The medication should be used after proper consultation with the doctor. Following the instructions can yield the best results. Proper use of the medication as prescribed is necessary to yield results without complications.


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