How Long After Fue Can I Use Minoxidil (And Why)?

How Long After Fue Can I Use Minoxidil (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5-7 Days

Most men suffer from hair fall and thus leading to baldness but, due to the improvement in medical science people have come out with several treatments where men can have natural hair growth. One of the most famous treatments is Follicular unit extraction (FUE).

In this treatment, the hair follicles are obtained, naturally occurring groups of four hairs for the transplantation of hair. This treatment process is also known as strip harvesting. Once you are done with this treatment you might be given some medicines like Minoxidil that should not be taken immediately. But within a few days after the treatment procedure has taken place.

How Long After Fue Can I Use

How Long After Fue Can I Use Minoxidil?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)The method for obtaining hair follicles is also called strip harvesting.
Using Minoxidil after FueWait for at least a week before you use this medicine.

You should best ask your doctor about whether or not you can use Minoxidil medicine soon after the Fue procedure. Using this medicine soon after the procedure might help some people to recover their hair much faster and therefore those people will benefit much by using this medicine.

It is a good idea for some patients for their doctors to prescribe them with this medicine because the speed the rate of the transplanted growth of hair could happen within a month and the other benefit includes that there will be a reduction of chances for ongoing hairs in the existing hairs.

There was a study that had found that about 2 out of 12 patients did not lose hair after the transplant had taken place. However, it is clear that the medicine might not be suitable for all people but only to some it might be recommended or prescribed after the hair transplant.


But, it is still recommended for patients not to use minoxidil after they had a transplant. There could be many effects that might not suit the person and this is why you should not take the medicine without a doctor’s advice.

Why Does It Take That Long After Fue To Use Minoxidil?

People who had a hair transplant recently can use Minoxidil medicine but they need to wait for at least a week before they use the medicine. Doctors also recommend their patients to start using the medicine once 5-7 days have passed after they had the transplant procedure.

Waiting for a few days before taking this medicine is very important because you can still lose hair if there is some complication while you are taking the medicine. You should also know how long you should use this medicine because you might not want to continue to use this medicine once your hair is grown fully or in some cases, it is not suiting you.

If you want to prevent any kind of hair loss after the treatment then you might want to continue using this medicine for a longer term. On the other hand, if you want to boost your hair growth then it can be taken for several months like 4-6 months at the minimum.


You need to make sure that you do not have certain allergies because the medicine might not suit you then as well. Minoxidil is a medicine that is also used to treat patients having high pressure along with the pattern of males and females. The medicine is made available in oral tablet form and is a generic medicine.

But, if you still want to take it you should do some research and ask your doctor about it before you make any kind of decision on your own.


In the end, you need to make sure that the effect of the treatment is positive which means there is a positive effect of the treatment. Your hair should grow on its own and there should be no medicine that should be taken additionally.

Ask your doctor if you can take medicines like Minoxidil in case you want to prevent further loss of hair. Know about the side effects, uses, interactions, and many other things of the medicine before you use the medicine. The medicine is not mandatory because some patients do not need it.


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  1. I find it concerning that some patients are recommended to take Minoxidil while others are advised against it. This could be prone to misinformation.

    1. I think it’s crucial for individuals to consult their doctors for personalized recommendations, rather than relying solely on general information.

  2. It seems there’s a fine balance between the benefits and potential risks of using Minoxidil. This article effectively highlights the need for individualized medical advice and research.

  3. This article provides an informative overview of FUE and Minoxidil treatments. However, more information about the side effects of Minoxidil would be appreciated.

    1. I agree with you, Davies. It’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of the treatments and their potential impacts.

  4. The emphasis on the importance of consulting a doctor before using Minoxidil is well-placed. Patients need tailored medical advice rather than generalized suggestions.

  5. Minoxidil certainly has its advantages, but it’s equally essential for individuals to understand its potential drawbacks before use.

    1. This is a nuanced topic that requires careful consideration. Doctors must prioritize thorough patient education regarding the use of Minoxidil.

    2. I completely agree, Edward. Patient education is key to making well-informed decisions about treatments.

  6. The careful approach towards Minoxidil’s usage timeline and potential side effects is commendable. It’s crucial for individuals to make informed decisions regarding their treatment.

  7. The comprehensive considerations pertaining to Minoxidil’s usage duration and potential allergies offer valuable insights for patients.

    1. I appreciate the emphasis on safety and thorough research. It’s essential for anyone considering Minoxidil to prioritize their health and well-being.

  8. This article provides valuable insights into the considerations surrounding Minoxidil’s use. The emphasis on the importance of consulting doctors and conducting thorough research is noteworthy.

  9. The nuanced discussion surrounding Minoxidil’s allergies and potential contraindications is enlightening. It underscores the necessity of comprehensive medical evaluations and personalized advice.

  10. The article successfully underscores the significance of thorough research and medical guidance before considering the use of Minoxidil. It’s crucial for individuals to prioritize their health and well-being in such matters.

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