How Long After Naltrexone Can I Get High (And Why)?

How Long After Naltrexone Can I Get High (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One Hour

Naltrexone is a drug that is also sold under brand names like Vivitrol, ReVia, and a few others. This medicine helps control opioid or alcohol use disorder in patients. It works by reducing the feelings and cravings of the euphoria associated with a form of substance use disorder.

The liver metabolizes these medicines, and it is excreted out of the body with urine. The molecular formula of the drug contains twenty carbon atoms and one nitrogen atom, along with four oxygen atoms. The Hydrogen atom is responsible for filling the remaining valences. The molecular mass of the drug is 341.407 grams per mole.

How Long After Naltrexone Can I Get High

How Long After Naltrexone Can I Get High?

A person who is highly dependent on opioids should not be allowed to take naltrexone before detoxification. The drug can be taken orally through the mouth or injected into the body’s veins. The elimination half-life of the drug is close to four hours.

The melting point of naltrexone is very high and is approximately 169 degrees celsius or 336 Fahrenheit. The patient might not feel the decreased desire for opioid use immediately, but good results are expected in a few weeks. This medicine is one of the most prescribed medicine for patients with alcohol and opioids disorders.

Naltrexone was first synthesized in the year 1965, and various trials of the medicines were conducted on multiple patients to test the effectiveness of the drug. Finally, the drug was approved for medical use approximately two decades later, in the year 1984. Good results of naltrexone are also observed in treating patients suffering from obesity. Messina is credited for synthesizing the medicine in a small pharmaceutical company named Endo laboratories situated in New York City. This medicine is also sold popularly with another drug named Buproprion.

Combination Of Drug TakenTime To Get High
Naltrexone onlyOne hour
Naltrexone along with VivitrolTwo hours

Naltrexone starts working within a few minutes after entering the body. If naltrexone is taken alone, then it will take an hour to get high. In contrast, naltrexone can also be consumed with Vivitrol as its results are found out to be effective. In that case, the time that is taken is around two hours.

Why Does It Take That After Naltrexone To Get High?

Naltrexone has been found the most effective in the treatment of patients suffering from alcohol issues. The drug helps decrease the urge of an individual to drink and helps control the drinking habit. The decrease in desire for alcohol to a large extent has been observed in many patients. To reducing opioid use disorder, naltrexone is injected in veins at regular intervals frequently. It is also very effective in treating this condition. Naltrexone taken orally by mouth is found to be less effective than injection into the veins. However, the exact way of intake of the drug can only be decided by a medical expert.

It takes that long after naltrexone to work high because after naltrexone enters the body, the liver starts metabolizing it. It takes some time for the liver to start this functioning, and once it is completed, the drug starts showing its effect slowly. It is recommended to keep using this medicine regularly for the best results. Finally, this drug is excreted out of the body through the urine. All the naltrexone is removed once but is removed after urinating two to three times.


This drug also has several side effects. The most common side effects include anxiety and headaches. Patients might also feel trouble sleeping and nausea after taking this medicine. Patients suffering from liver failure are not allowed to take this medicine. However, whether the drug can be taken during pregnancy or not is still unclear, but no ill effects have been observed on any mother or child.


Overall, it can be concluded that naltrexone is a medicine that is used frequently for treating medical conditions like opioid or alcohol use disorder. The drug was synthesized in 1965 and was approved for medical use in 1984. It is one of the most prescribed medicines and is recommended by medical professionals all around the world.

On average, it takes one hour for a patient to get high after taking naltrexone. The drug is very potent and is found very effective in treating several conditions. However, there are some common side effects of the medicine, such as nausea and anxiety. Patients with liver failure are prohibited from taking this drug.


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