How Long To Beat Resident Evil 7 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 9 hours

The definition of a good horror game is subjective. Horror games have been a popular genre in video games for a long time. If you like horror games and the weird things that happen in them, then “Resident Evil 7” is probably your favorite series of games. It’s the darkest and also most terrifying game in the series thus far.

Resident Evil 7 is a CAPCOM survival horror game with a first-person perspective and gameplay that harkens back to the franchise’s survival horror beginnings, stressing exploring and mystery solving. Ethan Winters, the central protagonist, is on the lookout for his wife on a decrepit plantation in Dulvey, Louisiana, which is home to a cannibal family. The events of Resident Evil 7 take place during the canonical Resident Evil plot.

The game received criticism as a return to the franchise, widely praised for its gameplay, creativity, and use of virtual reality, but there were mixed-up reviews of the boss battle and the final chapter. Baker’s family and the “Molded,” a humanoid type of fungus, are the adversaries.

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How Long To Beat Resident Evil 7?

It can take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours to finish the game, relying on the player’s talents and the items they seek. If you play ” Resident Evil 7 ” directly, it takes about 9 hours to beat the Resident Evil 7, although it may take 11 and a half hours to complete the main plot and discover all the rewards. Since you have to clear the game multiple times, it may take anywhere from 20 to 24 hours to complete it completely.

End of Zoe, Not a Hero, and both volumes of Banned Footage are the four DLC packs for Resident Evil 7. Banned Footage includes a collection of brief gameplay variants that help to extend the plot of the game.

There are two volumes of Banned Footage. “Nightmare” and “Ethan Must Die” modes add up to Banned Footage Vol. 1, with the former involving Clancy fighting the Molded and Jack Baker in the mansion’s cellar, while the latter focusing on Ethan fighting Jack and Baker’s contaminated wife Marguerite across the estate. “Jack’s 55th Birthday” adds up to Banned Footage Vol. 2, as Mia arranges birthday goodies for Jack to eat in different locations of the estate to appease the Baker family patriarch.

In Resident Evil 7, the player will take control of Ethan Winters. In the baker’s house, the player will have to look for Mia Winters, Ethan’s wife. To rescue Mia Winters from the infected family, players must fight their opponents, solve riddles and defeat them.

The destinations that the player must visit to complete the game are as follows: Guesthouses, main houses, yards, and old houses revisited main houses, test areas and houseboats, wrecked ships, swamps, and salt mines, and DLC are areas that players must explore to complete the game.

On PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, Resident Evil 7 is available. It’s also backward compatible with PS5, and Xbox One X, though none of the newer systems features will be available. It also supports PlayStation VR headsets. The table below shows how long it takes various players to beat Resident Evil 7.

Single-playerThe average time is taken to beat
Main story9 hours 26 minutes
Main + extras11 hours 51 minutes
Completionist24 hours 02 minutes
All playstyles10 hours 46 minutes

Why Does It Take That Long To Beat Resident Evil 7?

It takes so long to defeat Resident Evil 7 because the player has to fight until the end of the game. Fighting adversaries, viruses, the baker’s family pursuing Ethan, and zombies wandering the typical halls make it more difficult to get it to the finish. The graphics of Resident Evil also makes it difficult for players to play. Collecting and unlocking weapons is important for survival to the end.

Here are some general survival guides for this game:

  • It’s the most basic trick, if you don’t block in Resident Evil 7, you’ll lose a lot of life. Press the L1 button to raise your arms and protect yourself from hostile attacks. If you get hit, you will still take some damage, but your block will absorb a lot of damage. The enemy retreats before attacking, so try to predict their actions and protect yourself.
  • In Resident Evil 7, closing the door is equally important. If you’ve been followed, simply press the X button to slam a door shut, and your pursuers will be unable to track you down.
  • The most efficient approach to glance the other way is to make a fast pivot. All you have to do is press and rotate at the same time. If you need to escape, this idea is a good way to avoid the enemy, but it can also be used twice in a row to peek behind.
  • In Resident Evil 7, you should look for everything. Examine all drawers, cabinets, shadowy corners, and dressing tables since you never know what you’ll find. Even if you’ve already dispatched your opponent, make sure to plunder the boss area for any items you haven’t already acquired before continuing on your less-than-joyous journey.


Resident Evil 7 is a survival horror game. This means that your weapons, ammunition, and health will be constrained. In a world full of scary and weird artifacts, players must work hard to survive. Resident Evil 7 also has several terrific jumpscares that push the game’s fear to new levels. PlayStation VR headsets are also supported. Resident Evil 7 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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