How Long After the Hourglass Does the Streak End (And Why)?

How Long After the Hourglass Does the Streak End (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 hours

A multimedia messaging app that is made by Snap Inc. That is what Snapchat is all about. Snap Inc is the new name of the company as it was previously called Snapchat Inc.

The star quotient in this app is that the photos and messages send through this app are deleted soon after viewing. This app has come a long way from sending photos and messages to having the option to put up stories and to view advertisements from a large number of advertisers.

This innovative app is the brainchild of Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. It should be well noted that all these people are alumni of Stanford University.

How Long After the Hourglass Does the Streak End

How Long After the Hourglass Does the Streak End?

ObjectiveTime Period
Time after hourglass for the end of streaks4 hours

Snapchat has a very interesting feature known as “Streaks”. This comes into action when we regularly send snaps one-to-one with a person. The streak is the number of days in which both the people send snaps to each other. This can range from one to infinity.

The lengthiest snap streak ever recorded in the world is 2165+. This accounts for more than 6 years of snap chatting. The calculation of the count is as of May 2021. This streak is created by Ally Zaino and Kait Bruneau.

The next thing to understand is to snap chatting is that when a person does not send a snap within 20 hours to a person they have a streak with, an appearance of an hourglass comes beside their chat. This signifies that the person who has not send a snap within 20 hours now has only 4 hours to send the snap. If the person does not send the snap, then their streak till then will be lost and needs to be started all over again.


The 4 hour is the deadline count for the snap streak. Anyone who wishes to remove the hourglass icon from the chat can either send a snap or wish not to send a snap which in turn eliminates their snap streak.

This feature is very much competitive as can be seen in many teenagers. The trend of creating a snap streak can be widely seen in teenagers. But even elder people use Snapchat as this is a really fun application to use.

Why Does it Take Long After the Hourglass for the Streak to End?

The 4-hour notification period is not that long and is a real blessing to many people as it notifies people to send snaps before it is too late. If this feature was not introduced, many people could have had difficulty maintaining their snap streak.

The hourglass feature is limited to snaps as they do not apply to Snapchat stories or Discover options. This is because these features do not have the streak options for them. Many people put up Snapchat stories simply for fun. This is similar to posting stories on Instagram and Facebook.

The Snapchat phenomenon is really big to be ignored these days. The millions and millions of people who use Snapchat continue using it like it is some kind of an addiction. Furthermore, new users are added day by day with many people having multiple accounts at their disposal.

snapchat Streak

The features of Snapchat are made in such a way that it is enjoyable to people of all ages as it doesn’t matter whether the user is young or old. But in most cases, we can see that the majority of Snapchat users are college-going teenagers.

The Snapchat trend is the primary reason that many people use this application. Many people use it to show off their snap streak whereas many others make use of these applications to relieve their stress by showcasing their daily life to their friends. In this way, people find happiness and love the app to the core. The addition of filters and other valuable content makes this app very much interesting.


How Snapchat introduced its way of socially connecting with people was very much different from its competitors. Using this way, they could attract so many people to use the application.

Snapchat’s usage of virtual stickers and filters that use Augmented Reality was the first in social media applications. When Facebook and Instagram focused on posting pictures, Snapchat offered the option to randomly send pictures that the user wanted that would vanish soon after viewing.

The founders of this application knew its potential. Because of this, they did not succumb to Mark Zuckerberg who wanted to buy this company at an early stage.

The hourglass feature in Snapchat is a great way to continue snapping. But remember to always send your snaps before the hourglass shows up.



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  1. Snapchat’s introduction of virtual stickers and filters has indeed set it apart from other social media platforms. Its impact on the digital landscape is undeniable.

    1. Absolutely, Nward. The interactive elements introduced by Snapchat have redefined how users engage with social media.

    2. I completely agree. Snapchat’s innovative features have shaped the way we interact with digital content, setting new standards for the industry.

  2. The addictive nature of snap streaks is concerning. It seems like maintaining streaks has become more important than genuine social connections.

    1. I agree, Greg. The emphasis on numbers and streaks can sometimes overshadow the true value of meaningful conversations.

    2. I see your point, Greg. However, snap streaks are also a source of fun and lighthearted interaction for many users.

  3. Snapchat’s innovative features have definitely made it stand out. The 4-hour deadline for snap streaks is a real game-changer.

  4. The 4-hour notification feature has definitely helped many users maintain their snap streaks. It’s a clever addition to the app.

    1. Absolutely, Christopher. Without this feature, many users might have lost their streaks due to forgetfulness.

  5. Snapchat’s popularity among teenagers is truly remarkable. The app has managed to offer a unique form of expression for its users.

    1. Indeed, the way Snapchat has transformed digital communication is commendable. It’s more than just an app; it’s a cultural phenomenon.

  6. It’s fascinating to see the different uses of Snapchat across different age groups. Clearly, the app has managed to bridge generational gaps in its appeal.

  7. I find it quite concerning that so many people, especially teenagers, are so invested in maintaining snap streaks. Shouldn’t they be focusing on more meaningful interactions?

  8. It’s fascinating how Snapchat has evolved into a platform for both fun and communication! And I’m amazed at the record-breaking snap streak, 2165+ days is quite something!

    1. Absolutely, Fred! Snapchat’s evolution has been truly impressive. The way it has engaged users of all ages is remarkable.

  9. The addictive nature of Snapchat is undeniable. Even though it’s primarily used by teenagers, it seems to have a universal appeal.

    1. You’re right, Chapman. The app’s features cater to diverse age groups, making it appealing to a wide user base.

  10. The journey of Snapchat’s founders and the app’s evolution is truly inspiring. They’ve managed to revolutionize digital communication in a unique way.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Graham. Snapchat’s influence goes beyond just being an app; it’s a trendsetter in many ways.

    2. Absolutely, Graham. Their innovative approach to social media has left a lasting impact on the industry.

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