How Long After Naproxen Can I Take Ibuprofen (And Why)?

How Long After Naproxen Can I Take Ibuprofen (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After Twelve Hours

Naproxen is a drug that is also sold under brand names like Naprosyn, Aleve, and a few others. It falls under the category of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are more commonly referred to as NSAID. It helps treat several medical conditions such as pain, inflammatory diseases like gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and fever. It is also beneficial in cases of menstrual cramps.

The drug is taken orally through the mouth. The molecular formula of the drug contains fourteen carbon atoms along with three oxygen atoms. The Hydrogen atom is responsible for filling the remaining valences. The molecular mass of the drug is 230.263 grams per mole.

How Long After Naproxen Can I Take Ibuprofen

How Long After Naproxen Can I Take Ibuprofen?

The melting point of Naproxen is very high and is close to one hundred and fifty-four degrees Celsius. Naproxen is a type of nonselective COX inhibitor. The class of medicines in which naproxen is kept is the propionic acid class. The liver is responsible for metabolizing the drug inside our body, and it helps in inactivating the metabolites. The medicine is found to perform its anti-inflammatory action by decreasing the number of inflammatory mediators, scientifically termed prostaglandins. The protein binding ability of the drug is very high, and it is close to ninety-nine percent.

Naproxen was synthesized in the initial months of the year 1967. However, the drug was not allowed to use because of no proof of its efficacy. After performing the medicine trial on several patients for a few years, Naproxen was finally administered in 1976. The medicine was first produced by a medical expert belonging to the United States. The medicine can be purchased from any medical store and is readily available with a general prescription. Every year, this drug is prescribed for more than ten million patients across the globe.

EventTime After Taking Naproxen
Effect Of NaproxenAfter one to two hours
Intake Of IbuprofenAfter twelve hours

If a patient feels a lot of pain, then naproxen and ibuprofen can be combined to reduce it. However, medical experts advise not to consume both the medications for at least twelve hours within each other.

Why Does It Take That Long After Naproxen To Take Ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen is also a medication similar to naproxen and serves more or less the same purpose. However, ibuprofen is a more potent drug than naproxen and can also treat conditions related to menstrual periods and migraines, which cannot be achieved by naproxen. The molecular formula of the drug contains thirteen carbon atoms along with two oxygen atoms. The Hydrogen atom is responsible for filling the remaining valences. The molecular mass of the drug is lesser than naproxen and is 206.285 grams per mole. The density of this drug is very close to the water and is 1.03 grams per milliliter.

It is not advised to take naproxen along with ibuprofen because of the chemical composition of both drugs. When these two medicines are taken simultaneously, then ill effects have been observed in the gastrointestinal tract. Increased risks of inflammation, ulceration, and bleeding are the expected outcomes of taking both of them together. In a few cases, this combination has also resulted in gastrointestinal perforation, a fatal condition. This condition is deadly because a hole is formed in the human stomach, which goes to the intestine.


There are common side effects of both naproxen and ibuprofen. The most frequent side effects include dizziness and weakness in the body. Allergic reactions and stomach burn are also familiar with these drugs. In rare cases, severe side effects such as heart disease and stomach ulcers are also observed. Pregnant ladies who are in their third trimester are not allowed to take any of these drugs.


Finally, it can be concluded that naproxen and ibuprofen are two similar types of medicines, and they help treat various medical conditions such as pain and fever. They are also helpful in treating menstruation issues in females. Naprosyn and Aleve are two standard terms used for referring to the same medicines.

On average, a patient must wait for at least twelve hours after taking naproxen to take ibuprofen. If these two drugs are taken together, then the complications can be severe, leading to death. Both these drugs show some common side effects such as dizziness and weakness. It is crucial to seek medical guidance in case of an emergency.


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