How Long After Norethisterone Will Period Start (And Why)?

How Long After Norethisterone Will Period Start (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 days

Wish to have delayed periods? Then, we have the best medicine for you that is Norethisterone. Norethisterone tablet is also recognized as norethindrone and is available under different brand names. It is a progestin remedy that is used as a menopausal hormone cure, birth controlling pill, and for the therapy of gynecological dysfunctions.

With the help of this tablet, you can stop or delay your periods. But is delaying periods safe? Well, then let me tell you that it’s a safe and efficient treatment. But make sure you take proper advice from your doctor. And follow the advice and prescriptions of your doctor then it would be a safe delay of your periods.

How Long After Norethisterone Will Period Start

How Long After Norethisterone Will Period Start?

TabletConsumption daysDelayed time
Norethisterone20 days3 days
Regestrone10 days3-4 days

Progestogens present in Norethisterone tablets are alike to the female hormone progesterone. It acts as an active ingredient in this tablet. First, let’s see the various uses of this tablet. It treats heavy and painful periods, premenstrual tension (PMT), abnormal periods or frequent periods, endometriosis, and breast cancer. Your doctor may also prescribe Norethisterone Tablets if you want to delay your next period.

You need to take this pill three days before your period date is about to arrive. In such a case, you need to consume a tablet three times a day and continue it for around 20 days in sum. Then, it will pause your period for these number of days. After that, it will start flowing for two to four days once you discontinue consuming the pills. After completing the course of Norethisterone tablets, if you still do not get your period then do consult your doctor. And check whether you’re pregnant or not.

Thinking about all things you need to consider before Norethisterone Tablets? It might not be proper for all women. Make sure you consult a doctor before consuming this tablet. Avoid consuming norethisterone Tablets if it’s allergic, or if you’re already consuming other hormone medicines. don’t intake it if you’re pregnant or planning to be pregnant. Also, avoid it if you have liver problems. If you forget to consume this tablet, or when you start or stop consuming it every time you need to check with your doctor whether it is suitable for you or not. Like every other medicine, this medicine also has some side effects.

Why It Takes This Long For Periods To Start?

We are aware that norethisterone tablets are safe. It works well for those women who’re willing to irregularly delay their periods. It does come with some side effects. Some common side-effects of consuming norethisterone tablets include wheezing, difficulty in breathing, weakness or about to faint, swelling of the face, tongue, hands, and feet, and severe itching and skin rashes. Thus, it is worth risking it out such that your holidays won’t get affected. Before you’re planning to delay your period, you need to consult with your doctor as they can advise you better.

Women who are ordered to consume 5 mg of norethisterone are exposed to 20-60 mcg of ethinylestradiol in a day. With the help of this amount, they can postpone their menstruation cycle. This much is similar to the combined effect of two contraceptive pills. You need to take proper care when you are prescribed doses of norethisterone. From women to women, there are contraindications with this pill, peculiarly in women impersonating with risk constituents for venous thromboembolism.

It is suggested to women that they need to take this pill four days for about three weeks. Rather than consuming it seven days every week without taking any break. You need to pause after every third pack, or continuously stop using this pill till you experience breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding is bleeding that is experienced at a time when you don’t expect your periods to arrive this happens due to hormonal inconstancies. Don’t forget to consult before taking any tablet for delaying periods.


Norethisterone tablets need to be stored at a temperature of less than 25°C. make sure that you store the tablet in a container and is placed away from direct sunlight. Sometimes this pill might affect your reproductive system, nervous system, breasts, stomachs, intestines, liver, skin, hair, and metabolism. Make sure when you want to retort to your normal cycle then you need to quit consuming this tablet. And you can notice that within a time of three days your menstruation will get back to its regular cycle. If then also, you don’t have your periods then there are chances that you’re pregnant. So, do consult your doctor.



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