How Long After Cytotec Did You Pass The Sac (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After few hours to 3 weeks

Through Misoprostol like Cytotec, dangerous ulcer complications like bleeding can be reduced. It protects the stomach lining by lowering the amount of acid that comes with it. The addition of another drug with this supplement helps to end an unwanted pregnancy. For first trimester incomplete miscarriage, it is often recommended and as it is a very safe and effective treatment.

When through scans or ultrasounds, a missed miscarriage is confirmed; this treatment comes into effect and plays an important role in protecting the stomach lining. The process of miscarriage occurs naturally too, but few women prefer medicines like Cytotec to speed up the process. In such cases, tissues or sac passes within few hours for 60% of women. Some women choose to have medicine to speed up the process. Here the pregnancy tissue is likely to pass within hours.

How Long After Cytotec did You Pass The Sac

How Long After Cytotec Did You Pass The Sac?

During the failed pregnancy or incomplete abortion, few fetal tissues are left out in the women’s body which has to be passed out in any of the forms. This condition is particularly called a miscarriage, whereas abortion is defined as elective pregnancy. When pregnancy stops growing in the uterus after few weeks or in the case of only 20 weeks pregnancy, miscarriage tends to happen.

It can be found during usual scans or bleeding during the initial days of pregnancy. Such things happen during pregnancy because of not being healthy and reasons beyond your control. Cytotec is the pill that helps to carry on with the miscarriage sooner to get relief. In medical terms, it is referred to as ‘expectant management. Finally, pregnancy tissues like sacs will pass naturally. This takes nearly a few hours to 3 weeks depending on the presence of the number of tissues.

Vaginal bleeding and cramps which are known effects of miscarriage will start within one to four hours of taking Cytotec. In few cases, cramps subside after 3 to 5 hours of post medication. The bleeding might be the same as the menstrual bleeding but it could be more than your typical experience. A small sac filled with fluid can be seen along with the clots during bleeding. Similar to natural miscarriage, this bleeding lasts for 2 to 3 weeks.

There may be few other side effects too like fever, vomiting, and nausea but it will not lead to any adverse effects. The most beneficial part of Cytotec is, it is less invasive and post-miscarriage care is dealt with more economically when compared with the surgical evacuation of the uterus, which may not be suitable for all miscarriages.

Therapy4 weeks8 weeks
Cytotec 200 mcg (n=74)1 (14)0
Cytotec 100 mcg3 (3.9)1 (13)
Cytotec 200 mcg (n=65)1 (15)1(15)

Why Does It Take That Long to Pass The Sac After Cytotec?

There are various reasons and type of miscarriage, the empty sac is one among the types which occur even when the products are still present in the uterus.  Sac or tissues you pass after Cytotec depends on the number of weeks you were pregnant, where you can even pass a fetus or a baby. Very small effects like morning sickness can be noticed and tenderness of breast would have gone.

Few times, you may not find any kind of symptoms until the next ultrasound scans. You may take other additional supplements to stop the heavy bleeding and other side effects but no other way is found to stop the miscarriage which has already started. The side effects may vary depending on the physical processes involved. This depends on the size of the pregnancy and also on the way the miscarriage has been carried out.

In the case of, early-week pregnancy and while natural miscarriage, you will expertise extremely painful cramps. This happens when the uterus tries to push out the contents by tightly squeezing it and the time it takes to come out always depends on weeks of pregnancy and the number of tissues left, when any pills are used, the uterus speeds up the process as it does in induction labor. 

Some women do experience contractions. If miscarriage tends to occur during the second week of pregnancy, it is necessary to take more hospital care and the process of miscarriage should be chosen wisely.  When you opt for surgical management, you should wait for the result of the second scan to confirm the end of pregnancy.


Miscarriage is lesser in younger women when compared to older women because with increasing age the chromosomal abnormalities become more common. Improper embedding of pregnancy development to the lining of the uterus is considered to be the often cause of miscarriage.

The uterus reacts naturally to expel the non-viable pregnancy. Most of them can return to their routine the following day. For another pregnancy, there is no right time.  In most cases, women feel depressed, this sometimes leads to guilt and distress too. But everything has a solution. Consult your respective doctor to get proper instructions to proceed further.


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