How Long After NTC Do You Deploy (And Why)?

How Long After NTC Do You Deploy (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 4 months

The National Training Center (NTC) is a military training facility in the United States that serves as the U.S. Army’s premier training center for combat tactics, small unit weapons and tactics, land navigation skills, mounted operations, and fieldcraft skills.

The NTC also includes facilities for accumulating medical data on each soldier who undergo training at NTC (soldier performance measures) and tracks their progress throughout the course of their stay in a distinctly different environment from any combat zone or war zone.

The NTC is the largest training center in the United States Department of Defense and is located near Fort Irwin, California, a desert area better known as the Mojave Desert. The purpose of this center is to prepare soldiers from all over the country who are assigned to units based in CONUS, OCONUS, and to U.S. Army Reserve Component Units for deployment around the world to combat zones during the time of war or contingency operations for Army forces.

How Long After NTC Do You Deploy

How Long After NTC Do You Deploy?

Minimum Time4 months
Maximum Time6 months

It takes four months to deploy army personnel after they complete their training at the National Training Center (NTC).
The technology that is used at the National Training Center is still occurring today. The NTC allows soldiers to continue to learn from their mistakes and advance into newer and improved technology.

The NTC is used for a variety of different missions. It can be used as a way to help train soldiers in how to respond in case they are ever sent into battle. The NTC also provides valuable information about troop training and combat strategies. This information benefits the United States Army and can then be used by the Army in future conflicts.

The National Training Center is not only used to train the Army but also to test new equipment and tactics. For soldiers to successfully execute a mission, they need to receive proper training in their field before being deployed. The mission of the NTC is to provide an opportunity for military officials and policymakers to develop effective training programs.


The NTC also allows for units that are armed with new weapons and vehicles to test out their effectiveness in war situations. This information can then be used by the U.S. Army to refine its tactics. The NTC also allows for the training of the Army so that they will be able to access and use future weapons in combat situations.

Why Should You Wait So Long To Deploy After NTC?

This is a common question among those who are considering joining the military. Understanding why it takes four months gives insight into what it means for military personnel to be prepared and trained.

1) Soldiers spend three weeks in their hometown before reporting to NTC. This allows them time to wrap up affairs, say goodbye, and spend time with family and friends.

2)The soldiers spend the next week at their local military facility receiving immunizations and medical screenings. They also receive any dental or vision correction they may need.

3) The soldiers then travel to NTC for about three weeks of advanced pre-training. This includes additional physical training and learns what drill instructors expect, how to fire rifles, how to conduct riot control and defensive driving, land navigation, how to use radios, leadership training, first aid, and more.

4) After advanced pre-training, the soldiers go to the barracks for phase 1 training. This is approximately three weeks of basic training. They will learn about the history of Army and Air Force Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) and how ARSOF fits into the global war on terrorism. They will learn all leaders and followers in a platoon as well as medical assistance procedures, how to shoot a rifle with iron sights, close-quarters combat skills, and unarmed self-defense techniques.


5) Periodic scheduled maintenance will be performed on their gear. This includes checking the condition of their boots, weapons, gas mask, and more. They will then practice different scenarios that the ARSOF would expect them to perform in the field, such as riot control and convoy driving.

6) After a few weeks of training at NTC, the soldiers travel to Fort Bragg. The entire process from beginning to end is about 4 months. The soldiers will then attend the qualification course for their military occupational specialty.


The deployment of troops takes such a long time because each person is carefully screened to ensure that they meet the high standards required for the job, and it’s not just limited to the Army. An individual cannot be put into a role where they have access to secret information as well as live ammo unless they’ve been cleared by multiple agencies. This process can take months or even years, depending on how many security checks an individual has endured to be cleared for deployment. A lot of checks are run for obvious reasons.


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