How Long Do You Have To Wait After Your Permit To Get Your License If You Are Over 18 (And Why)?

How Long Do You Have To Wait After Your Permit To Get Your License If You Are Over 18 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 Months

The driver’s license is the official document in India and many other countries of the world. The holder of a driver’s license is permitted to operate a different type of motor vehicle on the highways or other roads in the countries. The roads which have public access need a proper license if the people need to drive any moral vehicle. The states of India are administered by the Reginal Transport Authorities or offices (RTA or RTO).

The Regional Transport Authorities or Office (RTA or RTO) is the governmental department created to keep all the databases of the drivers, and vehicles in every state of the country. This department is responsible for the proper functioning of the transportation sector. In India, a driver’s license is required by every person in the country who is using vehicles on public roads according to the Motor Vehicle Act which was started in the year 1988.

How Long Do You Have To Wait After Your Permit To Get Your License If You Are Over 18

How Long Do You Have To Wait After Your Permit To Get Your License If You Are Over 18?

The driver’s license in India is valid from the age of 16 years, but permanent licenses are issued only after the age of 18 years. The updated driver’s license is with the photo of the license holder which is used as the identity card other than while driving. The license can be used as a legal document for many purposes like opening bank accounts, used as the age record, and used for getting new mobile connections aa the identity record.

The driver’s license of the people of 16 years is only valid to drive the mopped a small motorcycle, and gearless motorcycle on the public roads, as they are small to drive big vehicle with string engine. People who are above 18 are only allowed to drive vehicles like cars with a valid driver’s license after passing the test. The driver’s license has an “All India Permit” which is valid in every state of the country.

In some states, the minimum age for getting a driver’s license is 20 years with the effect of The Motor Vehicle Act in the year 1988. To get a driver’s license the people need to pass three stages of the test. The first stage of the test is a verbal or written test in different countries. The second stage of the test is road signs. The third stage of the test is the driving test by the supervised examiner. When the person passes all these stages of the test then they are the valid holder of the driver’s license.

Permits Duration
18 Year6 Months
16 Year2 Years

Why Does It Take That Long To Get Your Licence Permit If You Are Over 18?

When the person passes all the tests of the driving licenses, they come under various categories like L- plates are necessary to be displayed on back and count of the vehicle from where it is visible. The person who is in a learning session needs to be with a fully trained driver while learning to drive on the main roads and the crowded areas.

The people riding the motorcycle need to be with one person who is fully trained. The person who has applied for a bus license should not carry any passenger with him except the people who are giving instructions to the driver and training him. When the person is fully trained with driving on public roads the temporary license is then exchanged with the full Indian License for every kind of vehicle. They can drive motor vehicles in every state of the country. The permanent license holder can drive cars, motorcycles, and mopeds.


The validity of the license in India is different for different age groups. The driver’s license is valid up to 40 years of age if the people have applied for the license before the age of 30. The validity of the license for the age group of people 30 to 50 years of age is for about 10 years. If the person applies for the driver’s license from 50-55 years of age, then the validity of the license is till the 60th birthday of the person. The driver’s license has to be renewed after 20 years.


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