How Long After Jesus Died Was The Bible Written (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 40 Years

Christianity is one of the most followed religions in the world. Considering all the other types of Christians living in this world the religion has got a beautiful history of its formation. The Bible is the holy book for Christians just like Quran is the holy one for Muslims.

Forty years after the death of Jesus Christ the first writing of the first gospel was done. The four gospels of the New Testament tell us the same story and they reflect different types of ideas and concerns. The Old Testament, on the other hand, was written around 1200 and 165 BC.

How Long After Jesus Died Was The Bible Written


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How Long After Jesus Died Was The Bible Written?

New Testament was written by ChristiansFirst-century AD
Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)1200 and 165 BC

The Bible tells us about planet Earth starting right from the creation of it to the spread of the Christianity religion. The Old and as well as the New Testament had to go through several changes through several years. The publication of the King James Bible was also included back in 1611 and along with that an addition of several books were discovered over the years.

Talking about the Old Testament then it is considered as the first section of The Bible. In this part, the content is covered with how the Earth was created through Noah and then finishing with the Jews who left or were asked to leave to Babylon.

The Hebrew Bible, on the other hand, is the Bible that is almost similar to the Old Testament. The Hebrew Bible is known to have the origins of the ancient Judaism religion. However, the true beginning of the formation or the creation of Jews is still unknown.

Bible Written

The New Testament, on the other hand, tells us the story of Jesus, and also it includes the early days of Christianity. The scriptures include mostly the efforts made by Paul so that he could spread the teachings of Jesus. The New Testament was written about 40 years later after the death of Jesus.

Why Did It Take That Long To Write The Bible?

There were several books and scriptures that had ultimately made up The Bible and it was written over the span of 1500 years. However, this does not mean that The Bible took 1500 solid years to be written or to be completed.

The Bible was written a long time ago and there is no information that how long it took for each book to be completed during that period of time. Moses had completed the first five books of the Old Testament between 1445-1405 BC.

Paul’s letters, on the other hand, could have been written in one sitting because there were many short ones. However, most scholars believe that the earliest books of the Bible were written were either Genesis or Job.

Some people even believe that the New Testament was written centuries later after the death of Jesus Christ. To be exact some people say it about 100-300 years but, the truth is that the Bible was written before the first century. 

Bible Written

Well, on the other hand, most people think that it took only about fifty years for the New Testament to be written to be exact about AD 44 to 90. This means that the Old Testament took the majority of time to be completed or for the writing of the Bible. Some people would argue about the true facts because there are different thoughts about the creation of the Bible.


In the end, it is the teachings of Jesus that were the aim to be spread all around the world. People think that everyone should read the Bible as it has something interesting for people to learn. You will also understand how the Earth was created according to Christians.

Some of the books are available online so if you are interested to know about them then you just have to search for it online and then you can get the full book. People can argue about the history of the creation of The Bible because there are different theories for different people.

It is important for people to at least have some knowledge about the Old and as well as New Testament. These books tell us the story of Jesus’ eternal life.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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