How Long After BC Can I Get Pregnant (And Why)?

Exact Answer: In One Year

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful things in the life of a woman. It is crucial to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that the baby who is about to be born is also healthy when it is born. However, most women prefer to consume birth control pills for several reasons to stop themselves from ovulating and stop themselves from becoming pregnant.

Well, there is a chance of becoming pregnant soon after a person stops taking birth control, and within a month or two, the eggs will be able to get fertilized once again after stopping the birth control patch. But, that sometimes does not guarantee that they have a hundred percent chance of getting pregnant, but the body starts producing eggs to conceive.

How Long After BC Can I Get Pregnant

How Long After BC Can I Get Pregnant?

A person should not stop using birth control pills until and unless they are ready to become pregnant. Usage of other methods likes the usage of condoms to control being pregnant for a while. Without using condoms and such, they can become pregnant once they stop using those. However, most women can become pregnant within a few months after having stopped their birth control with hormones, like pills and patches. There are chances of becoming pregnant within a month or two after stopping the combination pill.

There are several other ways of birth control. Birth control includes all those methods which can prevent the rise of the population. There are various well-known ways of birth control. Some of them are birth control medicinal pills, IUDs, barriers, and surgeries. All these methods have their efficiency along with some side effects. The birth control measures mainly depend on the general principle, i.e., how much time one wants to stop pregnancy.

birth control pills
EventsTime After Birth Control Pills
Production of the egg after birth control pillsThree to four months
Pregnancy after birth control pillsIn a year

It takes time for the eggs to start producing after birth control pills. Eggs are produced after three to four months, and a woman can get pregnant in around one year after getting pregnant.

Why Does It Take That Long After BC To Get Pregnant?

The regular time after leaving birth control pills to become pregnant is about a couple of months. But, not all people are the same, so that some women can become pregnant much early, but some can take a year also. So, there is no exact timing when a woman can become pregnant after the birth control pill. A woman should produce eggs after one or two months once she stops using birth control patches. But, this does not guarantee that she will become pregnant, but to conceive, she has to start producing eggs.

It is entirely safe to become pregnant after using birth control pills. Some studies have shown that it is safe to conceive right away after using birth control pills. Earlier, researchers used to think that there could be a chance of the baby getting affected right after using birth control pills, but the newer research disagrees with that. So, there is nothing to worry about if someone is planning to get pregnant soon after stopping birth control pills.

birth control pills

Various pills are available in the market. The combination pills should be administered at the onset of periods every month to prevent pregnancy. The natural way to stop pregnancy is not to indulge in sex up to fifteen days after the period. There are even some hormonal pills available on the market. The progesterone pill should be used along with some other barrier methods. It has also been successful in preventing pregnancy to some extent. But other methods have long-term effects.


Finally, it can be concluded that birth control pills are used to avoid pregnancy, and it is an effective and safe way of doing that. However, keeping everything in mind, a woman should take care of her health, especially after becoming pregnant. The pills take about three to four weeks to show effects and are effective in most cases.

On average, a woman can get pregnant in one year after taking birth control pills. The woman taking pills must ensure to visit a doctor once or twice a week so that she gets to know about her health condition. Maintaining a healthy life is very important, and it also helps give birth to a healthier baby in the future. s


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