How Long After Otoplasty Can You Play Sports (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 8 weeks

We all have heard the phrase “Nobody is Perfect” which completely is true and makes sense. We cannot be perfect by every inch of our body. Whether it is being physically imperfect or mentally we all possess either of them within us and are managing being and living with it. Everyone desires to have a faultless and flawless body, but it is not possible at all. But certain ways can enhance our imperfections in a way that can give us a sense of satisfaction making us elated in and out. Our medical science is so intellectual that it discovered end number of ways by which we can intensify our physical or mental issues or disabilities.



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Otoplasty is one of them. Otoplasty deals with the correction of the defects of the external ear i.e pinna, surgically or non-surgically. Otoplasty corrects the detective or absent external ears that are of natural proportion and appearance. The reshaping or reformation of the pinna is done by augmentation of the ears with the help of various methods including surgery by Otoplasty surgeons.

How Long After Otoplasty Can You Play Sports

How Long After Otoplasty Can You Play Sports?

Sports TypeTotal Time
Contact Sports6-8 weeks
Non-Contact Sports2-3 weeks

Otoplasty is a treatment that is considered a boon to those people who have lost their external ears due to any trauma( accident, blast, etc) or who have been born with disabilities. The imperfect pinna is replaced or reshaped by using medical science advancements. Otoplasty removes or amplifies the damaged or disabled external ears. It is also known as cosmetic ear surger, in other words, used to modify the damaged ears. It is a treatment which is often chosen by the people who are genuinely bothered by the adjustments of their ears from their head, i.e if the distance between the head and ear is more than usual or as per the expectation, then the otoplasty is an often picked method.

People also consider going for otoplasty if any sort of casualties happens to their pinna which has resulted in an unusual or strange shape and size of the ear. The otoplasty reconstructs those ears or ears. People use to have otoplasty to correct their structural abnormalities such as bent, unnatural, or irregular ears. Nowadays, it is a very common and effective treatment to undergo in many countries.

Otoplasty can be done at any age but the doctor suggests going for an otoplasty at least when you have attained the age of 5 years or old. If someone is born with ears which is different than the usual form and lead to problems to the individual may successfully correct these issues if started immediately after birth. Otoplasty doesn’t hamper your ear or reduce or affect your hearing ability in any way.

Why Does It Take That Long After Otoplasty You Can Play Sports?

Otoplasty treatment requires a bit of rest. As we all know that human ears are so sensitive. If you have undergone any treatment related to ear like otoplasty, then you must take all the precautions after the treatment as it is the healing phase. If the necessary precautions are not taken then it might harm your ear in any certain way.

If someone wants to play sports then he/she must have to wait for few weeks or else one may face difficulties in their ears as aftereffects of the treatment. It is always recommended that if you want to play non-contact sports i.e, the type of sports which includes no physical touch, then you can play after 2-3 weeks of the surgery. It won’t affect your ears in any way if it is played carefully.

If you want to play contact sports i.e, the kind of sports which includes physical touch then it is strictly recommended to wait for at least 6-8 weeks once the treatment is done. As contact sports include physical touch, it may hurt your ear while playing which can lead to unbearable troubles for you.

Activity and sports are not allowed after surgery so that the ears can heal easily and without any interruption, new positions which are maintained entirely by stitches. AS the healing proceeds, typically for about 6-8 weeks, activity can be increased and return to normal. After 6-8 weeks your surgery area is healed and you are good to go with playing contact sports.


Otoplasty is a surgical treatment that can help you to deal with your imperfect external ears by correcting them. Though otoplasty is not necessary if you are comfortable with your imperfections and it doesn’t bother you at all. But if your imperfection or abnormalities are bothering you anyway and you want to get rid of it, you surely can go for otoplasty. Otoplasty helps you to rebuild your confidence and make you feel way more comfortable in your natural skin. It is a low-risk surgery with satisfactory results. Otoplasty is certainly worth it if you want to go with the surgery and you have financial resources. Otoplasty helps to regain the confidence of any individual by permanently fixing their ear problems. If you or your child has misshapen or overly large ears, otoplasty surgery is the best and most effective treatment for you.


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