How Long After Patella Surgery Can I Walk (And Why)?

How Long After Patella Surgery Can I Walk (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After Six Weeks

Patella Surgery is patella fracture surgery, which refers to the break of an individual’s kneecap. Such a fracture is caused either because of falling on the knee or maybe a hard blow on the knee. Sometimes it also happens because of a muscular contraction in one of the thigh muscles.

Patella fractures are of four types, namely Displaced, Open, Stable, and Comminuted fractures. Various symptoms can indicate a Patella fracture that includes bruising, pain, and swelling on the knee’s front part. It is essential to seek a medical practitioner if a person shows any symptoms.

How Long After Patella Surgery Can I Walk

How Long After Patella Surgery Can A Person Walk?

Whether there is a Patella fracture or not can be identified with X-rays in adults. In the case of children, an MRI scan is required to confirm the same. Not all patella fracture treatments require patella surgery, and it mainly depends on the type of fracture. Some of the patella fractures can easily be treated by casting. Apart from undisplaced fracture, all other types of patella fracture are treated by patella surgery.

The outcomes of the surgery are most found to be good. However, individuals belonging to the middle age group are the most affected by the fracture. It is advised to keep the leg in a straight position initially, and the patient should not try to move the leg. After the first three weeks, the patient should try to move the leg slowly and must start bending the knee, but slowly. The doctor should make sure that the patient is increasing the bending angle gradually.

Time Passed After SurgeryWalking Routine
Six weeksTwo times per week with the help of crutches
Eight Weeks or moreThree times per week without crutches

It is essential to rest the knee after the surgery. Doctors recommended walking twice a week with the help of crutches after six weeks of surgery. In comparison, if it has been eight weeks or more after the surgery, then the patient should try to walk thrice in a week without crutches. However, it is advised to keep the crutches nearby as they might be needed.

Why Does A Person Take So Long After Patella Surgery To Walk?

Patella fractures comprise one percent of the total broken bones. It has been found that males are more affected by the fracture as compared to females. Patella fractures disable a person to both straighten and bend the knee. It is recommended not to walk as it can worsen the injury and can also be very painful. Sitting in a particular position might also aggravate the pain. Bleeding in the joints is very common in such cases.

In a patella surgery, the doctor first cleanses the surgical site’s skin with antiseptic help. After that, the doctor makes an incision with the help of a scissor in the knee area. The doctor removes the damaged surfaces present on the knee joint and resurfaces it with a prosthesis. The knee prosthesis comprises metal and plastic. Anesthesia is already applied to the surgical area not to feel a lot of pain at the surgery.

The doctor advises not to put any weight on the knee immediately after the surgery as the knee becomes very weak and may not take so much pressure. It may result in worsening the condition of the knee. The patient might also feel a bit of pain after the surgery, and the doctors give painkillers to overcome the pain. It is also advised to put ice on the surgical area to reduce the pain significantly.


Overall, it can be concluded that Patella surgery is carried out to fix a patella fracture and is a process that needs to be carried out with a lot of precision. Multiple symptoms indicate patella fracture, and it is crucial to consult a doctor in such conditions.

On average, it takes six weeks after surgery to walk with the help of crutches. It must be made sure that a friend or relative is looking over the patient when they try to walk. The surgery is a long process, and the patient might feel a bit of stiffness in the surgical area.


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