How Long After PC to Inoculate (And Why)?

Exact Time: At least 24 hours

Inoculation is a term that describes the introduction of cells or any microorganisms into any culture medium to either see their development or how their growth is occurring. Here PC denotes the pressure cook. The grain is kept in pc and then after that, it is being inoculated.

The pressure should be kept at 1.03421 bar. You have to kept the grains in the pc in a jar or a bag based on which method you are using and how much is the size of the bag. This process is more temperature-dependent. If you soak grains for a long time then you need less time for boiling.

How Long After PC to Inoculate

How Long After PC to Inoculate?

If you wait for at least 24 hours, it is good to help in inoculation after pc. As it helps in cooling the inside part of the grain. The pc will remains sterile until we are going to expose or enter the air into it. You can leave them for at least 2 to 3 days You have to wait for the unit until the jars have reached room temperature. As there is no fixed time. Some can get at a fast rate and some can get at it slowly.

As told by people if you want to wait you can wait for one week too. It depends on you. You can also put them in a jar last night and then in the morning you can open these pc and then you can start them inoculating. Inoculation is done when the pc has become so much cool that you can hold it easily. You are allowed not to leave any type of things on the pc for at most four days. Also, you have to wait till the spores of the grain get developed.

If you can take plenty of time. It would be a good thing. These also depend on where on earth you are living and time from being cut to inoculate, so varies from 4 weeks to 6 months in the northern region. The type of mushroom species you have can take time accordingly from one to three weeks. Also, if quickly inoculated after being cooled then it increases that this will give surely success.

Mycelium5 to 14 days
Normal MushroomAfter 1 days

Why Does It Take So Long To Inoculate After PC?

You have to keep them in a clean place so that their temperature can come to room temperature. If not kept a room temperature then it can take more amount of time for inoculation. Not more amount of water to be added as it will affect the capability of them and hence time period for inoculation becomes more and vice-versa is also true.

The grains should not be burnt ad it can also affect the period of inoculation. You have to see over it too. Also, it depends on you how you want to do it or how much time you want to wait for it. Also, if you are living in cold regions, it will take more time than in the hotter region as the time period of drying increases. It depends on the formation of spores on the grains. The more time spores take to grow the more time for inoculation is required.

Mostly the work you do is mostly depends on your preparation style that is how you are preparing it. So, the time may vary from person to person due to it. The design of the lid of pc also affects the process of inoculation and hence time delay can occur. Also, the process of sterilization affects time. It may increase or decrease, depending upon how well you have done it.


You have to remove out any of the things which are contaminated when you have done pc. Also, see to it that they don’t slime out or changes color as it has a strong effect on it. So, if any such thing happens shortly, you should know where it is coming from and how it can affect your thing when put on the pc.

Sometimes when you open the pc you find that many of the grains have burst it is due to the release of pressure. So, you have to allow them to cool first then do whatever is beneficial for them. After that, you can perform inoculation. But if you wait for long periods of time, bacteria’s growth is seen and hence it can contaminate it.


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