How Long After Nicotine Patch Can I Smoke (And Why)?

Exact Answer : Smoking is not preferred

The first word that comes to our mind when we come across the word Nicotine is Tobacco. 



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Nicotine is a chemical derivative of the Tobacco plant. It is an addictive element in cigarettes. The presence of Nicotine is not directly cardiogenic but persuades the smoker to keep smoking even though they know it is harming their health. Lack of Nicotine might lead to withdrawal syndrome when a person wants to quit smoking

Withdrawal from Nicotine shows symptoms that include irritability, insomnia, anxiety, and an increase in appetite.

A person can smoke using various methods, cigars and cigarettes being the most common to E-cigarettes, vape pens, JUUL, and hookahs. The Nicotine concentration levels might vary in each of the items.

How Long After Nicotine Patch Can I Smoke

How Long After Nicotine Patch Can I Smoke?

It is preferred not to smoke after using a Nicotine patch because the purpose behind using a patch is to quit smoking. The user must be determined and diligently follow the ways to stop and look forward to a healthier life. Do not smoke after midnight on the day you are starting the patch therapy. Start using the patch as directed by the physician. Nicotine patches are applied directly to the skin, can be used once, usually at the same time every day. They come in three different doses.

Type of Strength Nicotine Supply per 24 hour
Low Strength7mg
Medium Strength 14mg
High Strength 21mg
Types of Doses

Choosing the appropriate dosage based on how much the user smokes is very important. The user must check package instructions for appropriate dosing and ask their physician about what dose is necessary for them and should strictly follow the instructions.
Apply the patch to a hairless, clean, and dry area of skin on the upper arm or chest, back, or hip as directed in the package directions.

Avoid the areas that are oily, easily irritated, scarred, or broken skin. The user must make sure that the patch is held firmly in place, especially the edges. Wash hands with water thoroughly after applying the patch. Use a new patch if the present one falls off accidentally.
The user must wear the patch continuously for 16 to 24 hours, depending on the package instructions and as directed by the physician.

It is okay to wear the patch while bathing. Carefully remove the patch, and dispose of it by folding it in half. After removing the used patch, use the new patch to a different area on the skin to prevent irritation. Nicotine patches can be paired with other types of Nicotine products (like chewing gums, lozenges as combination therapy) to help relieve the craving.

Why Is Smoking Not Preferred After Taking Off The Nicotine Patch (in an ongoing therapy)?

When a person has decided to quit smoking and is using this therapy that helps them cope with the withdrawal syndromes, smoking might lead to some complications. Again, the person has to wear the patch for 16 to 24 hours, so they might not have time to smoke because they might have to wear a new patch or goes to sleep. It is best to avoid smoking after a patch to prevent Nicotine Toxicity. A person cannot smoke while wearing a Nicotine Patch. This must be noted. 

Smoking with a Nicotine Patch on, would not only increase the user’s addiction to the chemical but also increase their tolerance. It will also put the user at risk for Nicotine toxicity. If the Nicotine concentration in the body is high, it can cause serious heart rhythm problems and might as well be fatal. Nicotine increases heart rate and blood pressure, so if the user has a history of experiencing a heart attack in the past, it is mandatory to check with the physician to ensure that it is safe to use. Some precautions for using Nicotine Patches:

  1. Before using Nicotine patches on the skin, the physician must be informed, if the user is allergic to adhesive or any drugs.
  2. The user must inform the physician about any prescribed and non-prescribed medications they are taking or not.
  3. If the user has any history of heart attack or irregular heart rate, angina, uncontrolled high blood pressure, even ulcers or any overactive thyroid or thyroid-related issues, pheochromocytoma, or any dental conditions or disorders.
  4. Pregnant women should only use this medicine under supervision. Smoking can seriously harm the fetus so it is preferred to stop smoking without using the medicine. If a user becomes pregnant while using nicotine skin patches, they must contact the physician immediately.


Hence, Nicotine patches are a replacement for nicotine-containing products and they do this by slow release of little amounts of the chemical to curb the user’s cravings. Smoking becomes really difficult to quit because of the presence of nicotine, the active compound found in tobacco that causes the addiction. Nicotine help releases the hormone dopamine which makes the user dependent on it.

Nicotine Patches have proved to be very effective among different age groups. It helps relieve the withdrawal symptoms when a person wants to quit smoking and should stay determined towards it. Therefore, a person should choose health over complications and not smoke when on Nicotine Patch Therapy. Happy healing!


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