How Long After Wrist Surgery Can I Lift Weights (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 6 weeks

Whenever someone faces some sort of accident or gets through some complications, then wrist surgery is necessary to perform. This wrist surgery is also sometimes termed wrist Arthroscopy. With the help of this surgery, a doctor can have a sneak peek into the inside fracture of the injury. The wrist fracture is caused due to the twisting in the fall, which can access pain in further times. 

The symptoms to make sure that the person is having internal damage is, if he is facing terrible pain, or if there is some sort of swelling. The surgery needs to be performed in a measured and conscious manner, otherwise, complications can double up.  

How Long After Wrist Surgery Can I Lift Weights

How Long After Wrist Surgery Can I Lift Weights?

Wrist Surgery Recovery Time8 To 12 Weeks
Time to Take Rest After Surgery3 To 4 Weeks

The pain and the swelling in the wrist can make it too ridiculous to handle. And, at the same time when it comes to lifting weights at the same time, it becomes too controversial. One must try to avoid lifting weights for at least a time span of 5 to 6 weeks, after the wrist surgery. Normally, it takes anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks for full recovery post-surgery. According to the doctors, one must avoid lifting anything for almost 4 weeks, once the surgery is completed.

But some people avoid this instruction and start doing work, regardless of the pain. But in the outer part, it may seem well, but sadly, in the internal injury part, it complicates the scene out of anyone’s imagination. The swelling may increase out of nowhere and the pain can just take a huge spike in the tally. Any medication or pain killer won’t work, for instance, and again doctor treatment might be necessary. 

It has been complained that somewhere people feel a lot of irritation and itching after the surgery, which is quite normal. Due to the new skin formation on the surface area, it is quite common to get a little itching on the part. However, it can be avoided by applying ice on it, or by just using some medicative dust powder which can give a little sigh of relief. 

Wrist Surgery

However, during the process of the whole surgery, one may never feel any type of pain and complications due to the injected anesthesia. It paralyzes the pain within and it normally takes half of a day or a day to have a successful operation. But it becomes really necessary to take precautions post-surgery. 

Why Can I Lift Weights So Long After Wrist Surgery?

It is normally recommended by the doctors to keep the hand and the wrist as steady as possible, after the surgery. This helps a lot to maintain the parallel nature in the bones, which makes it easy for the crack to get solved. No proper work, which includes driving, weight lifting, working anything related to the hand, sweeping, or anything which can create a terrible position for the wrist, is not allowed.

Once the surgery is performed successfully, the bones take a lot of tolls to again get refurbished. The internal damage, swelling, terrible pain from time to time, and the clicks make it this long time to wait, before resuming. However, with the efficiency of the patient and also with the speed of recovery, the doctor may extend or reduce the time limit of having a rest period in between.  

With some great speed of recovery, some patients are also allowed to start their normal life after a couple of weeks or so. However, they are still suggested to give the wrist the ample amount of rest, which it needs. It is because the wrist does not fully recover within 4 to 6 weeks. The internal damage may take some proper time of 3 to 4 months to get the best form of recovery in the final stage.

Lift Weights

Hence, whatever it is, one must not be excited to lift weights, or do any type of physical work within this resting period of 5 to 6 weeks. Once it gets successfully cleared, one may slowly start resuming its work in a very steady manner.  


After the surgery and during the recovery mode, one can also practice certain things to strengthen the fractured wrist. One can start stretching the wrist in front of the arm and may gently bend it to move for 15 to 30 seconds. This process can be repeated a couple of times a day for better results. 

However, after this also the working mode should be resumed taking into consent the severity of the injury and how well one is responding to it. But, according to a lot of research and the prescribed doctors, it is better to take this recommended rest of 6 weeks, before lifting any weight. 


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