How Long After Scaling Can I Drink Coffee (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 Hours

With the ever-growing availability of junk foods of all types, people have started consuming these packed foods more than healthy food.

 As people have gotten so busy with their day-to-day lives, people don’t get time to eat a properly cooked meal that significantly benefits the body and dental hygiene.

People have stopped their self-care with busy lives that include oils, moisturizes, hydration, and dental hygiene.

 Due to constant ignoring of teeth cleaning, it develops bacteria and plaque that decomposes the teeth enamel as cavity sets in and the plaque stick to the teeth, which causes the future problem. 

How Long After Scaling Can I Drink Coffee

How Long After Scaling Can I Drink Coffee?

Scaling is a dental procedure also known as non-surgical periodontal therapy. Dentists follow this process to remove the plaque and calculus from the teeth using a set of instruments that remove the old enamel, and the teeth are soothed with dental cream and other equipment.

Scaling is a process carried out on the teeth that removes the natural enamel layer covering the teeth and protects them from everyday factors like sensitivity, hotness or cold food. Otherwise, the person would experience intense pain in the teeth the nerves.

After the scaling process is carried out, the doctors recommend not eating or drinking anything for the first four hours of scaling as the teeth are susceptible to anything. If the precautions are not taken, that can result in bleeding or swollen gums. After four hours, the person can drink room temperature water and soft food like mashed potatoes. 

After 10 hours, he or she can carry out the normal eating process but can only drink water and not any other drink. Drinks like coffee contain a large amount of caffeine; these drinks irritated the inner lining of teeth and even caused intense pain.

Therefore, drinks like coffee should be consumed after 20 to 24 hours of scaling. By then, the gums retrieve back to the initial position, the natural enamel starts covering the teeth again, and the person is not prone to any sensitivity. Still, the time can also extent if the level of scaling is intense.

Level of ScalingTime Before Consuming CoffeeTime Before Consuming Food
Level 110 to 12 hours4 to 6 hours
Level 213 to 15 hours5 to 6 hours
Level 320 to 24 hours6 to 7 hours

Why Does it Take So Long to Drink Coffee After Scaling?

Many factors are connected with scaling that can add to the time before the person can start consuming the coffee: level of scaling, nerves numbness.

All people are not the same; therefore, the conditions of every person’s teeth are not the same, meaning some people might have plaque and might need mild scaling, but the person with a lot of problems might need intense scaling.

When scaling is carried out, the enamel is eradicated from the teeth, and the teeth are exposed. The dentist cleans between, front and back of each tooth in a 360-degree form; after the scaling, any food can be hurtful to the mouth as gums are still swollen and can start bleeding if any pressure is applied.

If the scaling level increases, then the recovery takes more time that can delay the time before consuming the coffee, but if it is a level one scaling, the person can start having coffee within 6 to 8 hours of scaling as recovery is fast.

Nerve’s numbness is a ubiquitous part of scaling as the doctor uses a minimal amount of anaesthesia to numb the pain that numbs the nerves, and the teeth become non-functional in a way. Numbness is also related to scaling as the higher the level of scaling, the more nerves will be numb, and the gums will be more prone to sensitivity and drinks like coffee.

Therefore, it is advisable to carry out regular flossing and brushing of teeth to avoid the process of scaling.


Scaling is a dental procedure also known as non-surgical periodontal therapy. Dentists follow this process to remove the plaque and calculus from the teeth using a set of instruments that remove the old enamel.

Scaling is a lengthy procedure and is carried out in few levels depending upon the condition of the teeth; scaling causes temporary numbness in the gums and the nerves. This can put a halt to eating and drinking, especially the drinks like coffee, as it contains caffeine.

Caffeine irritates the inner lining of the mouth as gums are prone to any material, and it is advisable not to consume food within 4 hours of scaling.


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