How Long After Dyeing Hair Can You Bleach It (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 days

Hair dyeing is also known as hair coloring. It is the process of changing the original hair color partly or fully to an artificial color that looks good on the hair. It is mainly done for cosmetic purposes. But the main purpose for which it is done is to cover up someone’s gray or white hair. Coloring or highlighting one’s hair makes the person look good. So it is very popular for beauty purposes. Hair dyeing can be done by yourself at home, or with the help of a hairdresser professionally. It is found that hair dyeing at home in the United States in 2011 was 1.9 billion dollars, but the same became 3.2 billion dollars by 2019. This shows how popular the concept of hair dyeing is.



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How Long After Dying Hair Can You Bleach It

How Long After Dyeing Hair Can You Bleach it?

Hair color and texture How long to leave on
Dark hair30 minutes; it is recommended you split the process into several sessions.
Fine hair10-15 minutes. Since it has a thinner cuticle, this type of hair will process faster than other hair types.
Blonde hair15-20 minutes
Coarse hair40 minutes; this type of hair is very challenging to handle and it might require a minimum of two applications

In most cases, hair care experts recommend waiting between 15 days duration after coloring hair and before bleaching it. When we start bleaching our hair, our hair is given a color much lighter than our normal hair color. This is due to the Melanin pigments which are responsible for the dark color of the hair that is completely broken down. This is caused because of oxidation. The oxidizing agent is hydrogen peroxide. A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia is performed for the creation of an alkaline solution. This alkaline solution helps in speeding up the reaction. A hair bleached with hydrogen peroxide can result in an unwanted brass-like or yellow-like color. The longer one will leave the bleaching solution on their hair, the lighter the color of the hair will become. After bleaching, the hair will lighten and the color will be yellow or reddish. It will also depend on the natural hair tone of oneself and after some days, it will eventually become lighten like platinum blonde. It should be noted that after hair bleaching, you might feel like your hair texture has changed. It became less soft. It is because when you bleach your hair, it changes the porosity and also the elasticity of the hair. This may cause hair damage. The cause of hair damage is when the bleaching chemicals penetrate inside the hair, they start breaking down all the natural fatty acids. This makes hair weaker and porous leading to the break-off of hair.

Why does it take that long after dyeing the hair to bleach it?

To answer this question we first need to know what bleaching does to our hair. You need to reconsider some things before bleaching.

  • The bleaching material which you will use will break the hair coat.
  • The bleaching agent will destroy the molecular pigments and will give hair its light color.
  • The bleaching agent will break down your hair’s organic fatty acid. It is done to erode the dark-colored pigments of the hair. For this reason, your hair will be easily dry. It will also be prone to damage. It will also easily break.

These are the reasons for which your hair care expert will suggest you wait for a few days after dyeing the hair and before bleaching it. Now you might be curious to know about the question: can I bleach my hair the same day after dyeing it?

The answer is a big “No”. Your hair will be damaged severely if you bleach on the same day after dyeing your hair. While dying your hair, you should also stay alert about the dye.  No dyes which make your hair coarse or rough should be used. Given below are the few things that you should consider after dyeing your hair and before coloring it.

  • Which type of dye have you used before bleaching your hair.
  • You must always use a developer of the highest volume. If you don’t do that, then bleaching might help your hair or even fry your hair.
  • Are you using a dye that is recommended to use after bleaching hair? Some dye can react badly if you apply bleach after that specific dye.


We all like to dye our hair and after that apply bleach to look glamorous. But bleaching itself has many side effects. It often causes damage to the hair and makes it dry and frizzy. If you feel like your hair is being damaged after bleaching, then first of all you should consider deep conditioning before taking other steps. It might also happen that you have noticed many split ends in your hair after bleaching it. It is very natural as the bleaching agents are very heavy on the hair. So, if you see split ends, it is advised to let your hairdresser cut the split ends a few inches. But if you do not feel that your hair is too dry or damaged after the bleaching procedure, you can simply put some hair oil or conditioner to revive the moisture content in your hair. In these ways, you can dye your hair and also bleach it to look glamorous and beautiful in front of the mirror. 




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