How Long After Signing Do I Get Keys (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 14 days 

The table called life always keeps turning and one cannot predict the exact kind of fold lying in the future course of time. People are busy surpassing all the odds no matter what by taking any road possible and anything they can. All these hustles divert our attention from the basic and must-to-have happiness which people always regret at the end. 

One such thing is having a house which you possess and take care of. Having such a possession gives eternal pride and joy. A house of your own will provide shade in any kind of crisis. That is why most of the people at a point in time aim for having a house of their own.

How Long After Signing Do I Get Keys

How Long After Signing Do I Get Keys?

Time taken for the deal completion14 days
Time taken for the closure (wrap up)3 to 4 hours

People irrespective of salary and bank balance, always harbor a wish to breathe the air of relief sitting on the couch of their own house. It’s a wish that is worth turning into a reality as soon as possible. A joint family having their own house and sipping a cup of coffee every day with everyone is pure bliss. That is why when a person gets a job or starts a business, from the very start he/she plans to make a house with all the money he/she may earn. 

But there’s a hurdle that restricts many people from marching ahead with their house-building desire. The hurdle is financial issues. Not everyone who roams in the corridors of the earth has an ample bank balance. Many people struggle even for a dual meal a day.

And as we know hurdles and desires cannot exist with each other in harmony. So the loan system is a great way to gain advantages over the hurdles and go a step closer to the dream. So banks give loans under special guidelines and with the approval of the people engaged in the financial deal.  

Signing Contract

After the seller or the existing owner of the property deals with all the formal paperwork, he/she hands over the keys to the new owner, and that is called the completion of the property deal. The new owner after paying all the discussed amount to the seller is then allowed to take over the keys and property and then there’s no looking back.

Why Do I Get Keys So Long After Signing?

Financial deals are always very complex and difficult to deal with. More money involved, more paperwork, and more stress. The stress in turn throws the human mind off balance and mistakes are bound to happen after that. Regarding this issue, there’s always a perfect algorithm made to accomplish work in the best and effective way possible. 

Following an algorithm made by the system will always make the work easier, faster, and affordable. These three things once achieved can lead the project or deal to the success stage. So, when dealing with property matters, there’s a certain period for respective property deals. In the case of getting keys, it takes two weeks at the maximum. 

The deal can sometimes also be seized before fourteen days and sometimes can take a couple of days more too if any circumstances arise. But usually, the period allocated to the dealmakers is 14 days or 02 weeks. The meantime will be used to keenly go through the property details and cross-check the facts and figures associated with the property the seller is selling to the customer or buyer. 


Also, having a two-week time can give management advantage to both sellers and buyers. Sometimes, minor mistakes come around, and without any time balance, the deal may turn into a failure. But once a specific period is allocated, the people involved in the process can manage the schedule and act accordingly. The other government departments involved in the various processes throughout also need the time to fetch documents and put their approval after counting on all the reports.


Having a certain period before concluding any project or deal always saves us from a lot of trouble and avoids the risk of failure which may arise due to haste. Two week period is the most important duration before the buyer gets the keys. 

The keys are the fruits of the plant which both the deal doers have planted and nurtured for a few days. Getting keys is the last step of the whole process and the deal ends there. It does not follow any kind of paperwork or so. So this was all about the topic and every detail is thoroughly checked and served for your convenience.


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