How Long After Employer Response To Unemployment Claim (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within 10 To 15 days

There are some benefits which everyone should enjoy as a normal human being. Everyone should have equality and everyone should have a right to it. The same thing applies to the benefits provided to the people, both of which are employed and unemployed in the States. 



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The authorized bodies present in the States provide these beneficiary payments to the people, who are often seeking work, or to those who are officially registered as unemployed. 

There are certain terms and some conditions which are applied before moving forward to the benefits. These payments are based on just the money, by which one can cover his or her basic needs of the day and compensate for the lost time.  

How Long After Employer Response To Unemployment Claim

How Long After Employer Response To Unemployment Claim?

Days Taken To Review The Claim7 To 8 Days
Normal Official Response To EmployeeWithin 10 Days

The normal time duration within which one responsible employer should respond to the unemployment claim is within a maximum of 10 days.  They should respond to the claim in a timely and proper manner. This eligibility of the employment claim is mostly verified by the EDD, which is known as the Department of Employment Development. 

They take a partnership with the employers and verify the decency and urgency of the claim. The eligibility criteria of the employee can be verified by the employer through the given notices and forms. These notices come as the primary methods by which one can manage their reserve accounts. 

Once the insurance claim is filed by the employee, a notice is mailed to the employer carrying general information on the claim. The claim includes the reasons for his not working and also the states he or she is not working for. This notice should be legal and legit at the same time. Otherwise, the claim can be easily dismissed without giving any clue of why. However, once the employer receives the notice, they should timely reply to the employee within a maximum of 10 days, giving a proper reason or cause. 

They can seek information or ruling from the Department of Employment Development, and can also appeal the employer’s rights for appealing the reason or so. However, it is strictly mentioned in the law book clauses that, if the employer does not respond within the given time it can cost a lot to them. And if they never provide an adequate cause or reason for what happened, then it can be stopped from taking part in any of these related further proceedings. 

Why Does It Take So Long For The Unemployment Claim After Employer Response?

Most often the employer who is trying to get a decent job for a long time trying to apply for this unemployment claim. It is also seen that people who have just left their job due to some cause and need some time to settle down in finding a new one, they are also the appliers of this claim. 

Although every unemployed person can apply for this claim, not everyone gets the same benefits. The benefits are split between the people keeping the eye on the economical position they are standing at. With the proper discussion with the other official associations, the employers can decide how much one should be assisted with. 

To cover the normal daily expenses, one unemployed person tries to get the claim in. If something wrong goes through, then also some action can be taken against them. If the employer even verifies the claim, the payment is not released till the date, until the official unemployment department gets it passed. The EDD which verifies all the information needs to get everything cleared and should also mention the starting and terminating date of the new employee before clearing the claim for further use.

The claim can also get deleted if the employee is fired out of the service or is forcefully taken out of the company. It only works out if the employee has taken voluntary termination and is also looking for some work. Any illegal acts of the employee, in any unique situation based on the same cause, can also never get entertained for the same cause. Hence, all these should be taken care of. 


As the employee’s reasons for applying, the employer’s reason to reject or accept must be clear and reasonable. The unreasonable justification of the rejection or the misconduct with the claim can be challenged at a higher level. The employee must not be involved in any of the offensive cases like stealing, fighting, being illegal with something, using foul language, or anything like that, during the claiming period also. 

However, how many claims one may try to make, but finally it is the employer and the higher officials who go for the final step of accepting the claim and providing the unemployment insurance. But it also becomes necessary for the employers to respond to the claim with any reason within a maximum of 15 days, for obvious reasons.    


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