How Long After Stopping The Pill Will I Ovulate (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 months

Many women use birth controls to prevent pregnancy during indulging in sexual intercourse. These birth controls include condoms and birth control pills. These pills prevent the menstruation cycle and prevent pregnancy. However, consumption of these pills may have a longer effect on pregnancy as it can prevent pregnancy and ovulation for longer than expected.



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Many women consume birth control pills more often. In such cases, the ovulation process may stop for longer than expected. So in such a case one may wonder how long after they stop taking birth control pills, will they continue ovulation.

How Long After Stopping The Pill Will I Ovulate

How Long After Stopping The Pill Will I Ovulate?

In simple terms, it depends on the body and the duration of the consumption of the birth control pill. The longer a woman takes birth control pills, the longer it will take her to start ovulation after stopping. While in birth controls like condoms, women continue to ovulate and can get pregnant even the next day, with birth control it is different. If a woman takes birth control pills for the first time or maybe two times then its effect will last for u to a week. After a week, the ovulation cycle restarts, and the woman can get pregnant. This also happens when a woman rarely takes birth control pills.

If a woman takes birth control pills for a period of time, let’s say for a few months, the ovulation cycle may take somewhere between one month to three months to get back on track. This is the most common time period for women to start ovulating after they stop taking birth control pills.

However, if a woman consumes birth control pills for up to a year or more, then her body may take a much longer time to start ovulating. In some cases, it took women up to one year or more to get pregnant.

Anyhow, one should consider a doctor regarding the long-term side effects of taking birth control for a longer period as the doctor can suggest better how long it is good to take birth control pills without having any side effects.

UsageOvulation delay
RareUp to 7 days
A few weeksUp to 3 months
Long termUp to a year

Why It Takes That Long To Ovulate After Stopping The Pill?

For pregnancy, an egg is released from an ovary in a woman’s body which fertilizes with the sperm. The fertilized egg goes to the womb where it grows and turns into a baby. Birth control pills stop the process of releasing of egg from the ovary that is known as ovulation.

When a woman takes a birth control pill, the ovulation is stopped by the pill. The effect of the pill usually lasts up to a week. After a week, the ovulation process continues, and the woman can become pregnant without any trouble.

However, birth control pills are not always able to prevent pregnancy. There is a slight chance that a birth control pill might not work and a woman may get pregnant after having sexual intercourse.

Anyhow, continuous consumption of birth control pills increases its effect on a woman’s body and a woman may start ovulating late if she keeps consuming birth control. If a woman takes a pill rarely, the ovulation in her body may start after a week of taking the pill. While if a woman takes a pill more often, their body may take time to continue ovulating properly. It may take the woman’s body up to 3 months to ovulate after she stops taking pills.

Similarly, a woman consuming birth control for a longer time may ovulate even later after stopping the pills. Someone taking pills for a year or more may start ovulating around a year after stopping the pills.


Many women take birth control to prevent pregnancy during sex. Some use condoms while some use birth control pills. These pills stop ovulation in a woman’s body and prevent pregnancy. For rare or first-time use, the effect of the pill lasts for up to 7 days. However, with continuous consumption, the effects start to stay for a longer period.

If a woman consumes the pill more often, her body may take up to 3 months to ovulate after she stops the pills. While taking pills for a longer period like a year or more can stop ovulation for up to a year as well.



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