How Long After Trigger Injection Will I Ovulate (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 35 hours

If you look into the timeline of an IVF, a trigger shot is a very important part of it. The main purpose in which it (trigger shot) served for the IVF is actually to send the eggs into a reproductive state division which is also known as maturation division. It takes place during the 36 hours process period preceding the ovulation. It also determines the following outcome of this reproduction.

We should always make a choice and implement the trigger shot very carefully when it comes to the ovulation induction amid the IVF infertility process. As a physician, a person must know and make one of the most important decisions. And that decision is that, as the IVF trigger shot makes meiosis possible and its success rate mainly depends on it.

How Long After Trigger Injection Will I Ovulate

How Long After Trigger Injection Will I Ovulate?

In cases of IUI24-36 hrs
In cases of IVF36-48 hrs

Mainly a trigger shot is used within timed intercourse. And these intercourses are precisely intrauterine Insemination (IUI), or the other is Vitro fertilization also widely known as IVF. Now the thing is if the shot is a part of the patient’s protocol, it’s the doctor who will prescribe the patient at which time and how this will be conducted about the other procedures and medications.

With the use of IVF, a trigger shot is basically used before the trial of an egg retrieval which helps to open doors for the process which is known as meiosis. Coming to meiosis, the eggs generally go through a very important division where the respective chromosome goes from 45 to 24, priming them for the process of fertilization.

But previously when the egg is set to release by its due natural process, the patient’s respective doctor will get your egg retrieval procedure scheduled to get them collected for the next process of fertilization in the allotted lab. And once it is fertilized the embryos will be then getting ready to be transferred back into the uterus for the process of implantation.

Now talking about what a trigger shot does, it takes us to the point that, whereas the other gonadotropins – just like a follicle-stimulating hormone, also known as the FSH. It basically works on both growing and maturing eggs. Then again a trigger shot of an hCG does help the patient’s ovaries to release those completely mature eggs as a part of this process of ovulation. So all of these sums up the process to happen after a period of 35 to 40 hours.

Why Will I Ovulate So Long After Trigger Injection?

So before proceeding further into this acclaimed topic, a thing must be made clear that all the statements made or facts and figures given are only based upon some thorough research about the topic including mere assumptions. So now as already, we have answered how long it will take to ovulate after the respective gets a trigger shot or an injection.

But now after this, another will definitely get raised over your mind. Why will it take this long period of time to ovulate after having a trigger shot or an injection? As it needs valid reasons to justify why it takes this long. So let’s go through the seasons ahead.

So basically a trigger shot is being given to a patient as a part of the fertility treatments. It’s most often used with another type of medication and above all that it must be carefully or precisely timed and be monitored from time to time. The ART procedures are much more nuanced than it processes individually. The patient’s doctor may tweak the patient’s very specific protocol to be followed which widely depends on what has worked or had not worked accordingly in the near past.

So generally what happens is that the process of ovulation generally happens about 35 to 40 hours later. And it only happens after the use and administering of a trigger shot. As we know that since the shot is being used differently in both IUI or the IVF, it naturally means that the timing of the given shot is very important following the other procedures which the patient is having.


So at last it has become all clear how long and why this long after a trigger injection or a shot will a patient ovulate. And all this is very important for the process of Ovulation.

This is because the trigger injection is all about the timing which acts superior in every aspect of an IVF or IUI ovulation. So the timing of the Trigger injection must be taken care of because only after that the ovulation process starts.


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