How Long After Sweep Do Contractions Start (And Why)?

How Long After Sweep Do Contractions Start (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 48 hours

The woman may get the labor within 48 hours after the membrane sweep. Membrane sweep is mainly done after the 39 weeks of pregnancy. This is done to women who don’t get the labor in time.

Membrane sweep is done by a professional or healthcare expert by putting gloved fingers into the cervix. This action would help in loosening the amniotic sac inside the women’s body. Many women may get the labor before 48 hours while some may get it after 48 hours.

The healthcare specialist would do the membrane sweep when the cervix would begin to dilate. It’s not possible to perform the membrane sweep if the opening of the cervix is still closed.

The woman is not allowed to get a membrane sweep done by any doctor if the 39 weeks are not passed. Some women may come under the exception, and the doctor would take the decision for them.

How Long After Sweep Do Contractions Start 2

How Long After Sweep Do Contractions Start?

Membrane Sweep How Long After Sweep Do Contractions Start
Minimum time24 hours
Maximum time48 hours

The membrane sweep can be done on women who are not having contractions even if the cervix is partially opened. Sometimes, the contraction may come n go very soon. In such conditions, the doctor would recommend a membrane sweep. This is done to avoid any risk of pregnancy.

As when the woman crosses the 40th week, the risk of pregnancy may increase. The woman will have to face many complications during the pregnancy which is not safe for the baby.

The doctor would try to get the labor by having the membrane sweep done as it is a better option than induction. The membrane sweep should be performed before 42 weeks of pregnancy.

Women who have serious health issues or pregnancy complications should avoid the membrane sweep process. The membrane sweep process would happen during the cervical examination of the pregnant woman.

The vaginal examination can be done during the 39 or 40 weeks of pregnancy. Some women may have to get the vaginal examination done before 39 weeks depending on their health condition. During the vaginal examination, two or one finger with a glove may have to be inserted.

This action would not cause the water to break as there won’t be any rupture caused to the sac.

Why Do Contractions Start This Long After Sweep?

After the membrane sweep is done, the person will feel some discomfort. Some women may experience slight or heavy bleeding once the membrane sweep is done. If any woman faces heavy bleeding, then contacting the healthcare expert is vital.

Once the membrane is stripped, there is no guarantee that the labor would begin. Women with favorable cervix may find membrane sweep extremely effective. A favorable cervix means the cervix of the woman is thinned and softened.

If the woman has already crossed the early labor stages, then doing a membrane sweep would be effective. The contraction time would be different for every woman with a different type of pregnancy.

The process of inserting gloved fingers would not be extremely long, but quite uncomfortable. Some people consider this as an uncomfortable vaginal examination. The woman would feel discomfort during the process and after the process is over.

The most important benefit of membrane sweep is to avoid induction. The women could be able to get the labor within a few hours naturally without any drug or medications. The risk of membrane sweep is that the woman would start bleeding in some cases.

In some women, the membrane sweep would cause cramps which may be misinterpreted as contraction.


A woman who is going through her first pregnancy would feel the membrane sweep as extremely beneficial. The sweeping process, if done near to the pregnancy date, would be very beneficial to get the labor naturally. The membrane sweeps may cause water breaks in very few cases.

The woman has to talk to the doctor for getting clarity about the pros and cons of membrane sweep. If the woman observes any sign of labor after the membrane sweep, then the process is considered as successful.


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