How Long After Aura Does Migraine Start (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One Hour

Migraine is a condition in which a person keeps getting recurrent headaches over a while. These headaches can be moderate to severe for the patient. Most of the patients suffering from migraines suffer headaches on one side of the head that lasts for few hours to a few days.

Migraine can be caused to a person due to environmental effects, or it can also be due to a genetic disorder. A person who is in pain due to migraines cannot focus on physical activities, and day-to-day working is hindered. Various hormonal changes also take place in the body when it suffers from migraines.

How Long After Aura Does Migraine Start

How Long After Aura Does Migraine Start?

More than fifteen percent of people in the world always suffer from migraines. It is a commonly observed medical condition, and in most cases, it is not harmful. If a person feels uncomfortable for more than two days, it is advised to visit a medical expert. Migraine is also listed in the top five most prevalent diseases globally, and it is imperative to take care of in such cases. It is advised to stay away from caffeine as much as possible in cases of migraine as it can be harmful. Viral infections are one of the reasons one might suffer from migraines. In these cases, if the person goes to work, the infection may spread. This is not good for the individuals and also for the people around them.

Migraine is a type of non-specific disease, and that’s why its symptoms and causes cannot be identified concretely. The most common causes that lead to migraines include gastroenteritis and lack of sleep. Gastrointestinal disorders are also a frequent cause of migraines. Other symptoms include dizziness and fainting, along with food poisoning and motion sickness. Low blood sugar is also commonly observed in patients suffering from migraines. Multiple medications are available in the medical stores that can be purchased to cure migraines at home.

EventsTime Taken
Migraine without AuraTwenty minutes
Migraine with AuraOne hour

In most cases, migraines happen without aura, and it takes approximately twenty minutes. But migraine with aura is also common, and the time taken in such cases is one hour.

Why Does It Take That Long After Aura For Migraine To Start?

Migraine is a common symptom that is observed when a woman is pregnant. Migraine is expected in the early stages of pregnancy, but it is observed at higher rates during the second and last trimester of pregnancy. Migraine might indicate pregnancy in women of child-bearing age, and they might need to visit a doctor to confirm for pregnancy. Some other serious diseases are also identified after a certain degree of migraine. These are pancreatitis, appendicitis, hepatitis, and a few others. In some conditions, migraine is also succeeded by fatal conditions like brain stroke.

It takes that long after aura for migraine to start because the body gets slowly affected by it. Our body tries to resist as much as possible, but symptoms such as loss of vision and stress are common in patients who suffer from migraines. Viral or bacterial infection is also observed in patients after migraine, which can harm the patient. Migraine can also be caused by the reaction of several drugs that might have been taken at earlier stages to fight some other condition.


A person under the condition of migraine might not respond to ordinary stimuli and face loss of vision. In few cases, migraine is also seen affecting the central nervous system of the body. Loss of fluid contents may also cause migraines and weakness in the body; that’s why it is crucial to carry sufficient fluids not to get dehydrated. Medications should be taken immediately, and if the condition worsens, then medical guidance should be sought.


Overall, it can be concluded that migraine is a widespread condition and is observed by every individual at some stages of their life. Women experience migraines very frequently during their pregnancy. However, this condition doesn’t trouble the patient too much but can irritate the brain and might be very excruciating on one part of the head.

On average, migraines are observed after one hour of aura. Common symptoms such as dizziness and no response to stimuli and headaches, and loss of vision are pretty common in patients suffering from migraines. It is advised to visit a medical expert in case of any discomfort.


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