How Long After Tdap Vaccine Can I Get Pregnant (And Why)?

Exact Answer: No Recommended Waiting Period As Tdap Can Be Given Any Tiem During Pregnancy

The Tdap vaccine is given to adults as it protects us against tetanus, a bacterial infection that can cause painful cramps which can even lead to death. It also protects us against diphtheria and pertussis. Diphtheria is a serious infection that is caused in the nose and throat and can be prevented with the help of Tdap.

Similarly, pertussis is a respiratory tract infection or which commonly known as whooping cough which can also be prevented with Tdap. Taking the Tdap vaccine during pregnancy protects the baby from whooping cough and other infections which can pass from adults.

How Long After Tdap Vaccine Can I Get Pregnant

How Long After Tdap Vaccine Can I Get Pregnant?

Vaccine Protects us fromDefinition
TetanusBacterial infection that causes painful muscle cramps
DiphtheriaInfection in nose and throat
PertussisWhooping cough affects the respiratory tract

Diseases like pertussis, tetanus, and diphtheria are easily spreadable. Therefore, babies are easily infected by these diseases from adults. Adults are advised to take the Tdap vaccine so that the diseases do not spread. Tdap vaccine is not dangerous and protects newborns from these highly contagious diseases. This vaccination taken during pregnancy not only protects the woman from diseases but also protects her baby.

Many women may think that getting this vaccine might be harmful to their pregnancy but there has not been any data about the bad consequences of the vaccine. If a woman is vaccinated during pregnancy the antibodies from the mother are transferred to the baby so that the baby gets protection from these highly contagious diseases right from birth. Pregnant women are most likely to be affected by these diseases because during pregnancy changes occur in the heart and lungs and are susceptible to some serious respiratory complications.

Tdap Vaccine

More than the mother babies are more susceptible to pertussis or whooping cough and we cannot vaccinate the baby right after they are born. Normally, newborns cannot be given any vaccination until they are at least 2 months old. The Tdap vaccination has not been proven safe for infants under the age of 6 months and cannot be given to newborns. Therefore, the mother is given the vaccination which in turn protects also the babies. The Tdap vaccine has been proven to be very safe and effective and one does not have to worry about anything to get the vaccine.

Why There Is No Recommended Period To Get Pregnant After The Tdap Vaccine?

Getting the Tdap vaccine during pregnancy is more effective than getting the vaccine after pregnancy. Almost all the doctors advise us to take the vaccine during pregnancy as children are more susceptible to whooping cough. Babies who get infected by whooping cough in the first four months struggle to breathe and get sick and can even lead to death for some babies. So health experts advise their patients to get the vaccine in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Whooping cough cases are high and there are around 10000 and 50000 cases in the United States every year. Women are advised to get vaccinated during each pregnancy because the vaccine’s protection decreases over time. The adults infected with whooping cough may not realize seat they are affected and may mistake the illness for common cold or cough. They are unaware that they are spreading it.

We cannot risk a baby’s life with these highly contagious diseases. Newborns are difficult to take care of. They should be given at most care in the first year. Even after Tdap vaccination, proper hygiene, hand sanitization, and preventing the baby from other persons who might be infected with some bacterial infections and more other practices should be followed.


The main sources of infection in children are the parents and the caregivers. Consulting your gynecologist for more information before getting the Tdap vaccination is a must. The vaccination can be taken anytime during pregnancy but vaccinating during the third trimester is more effective and provides maximum protection to the baby.


Taking care of a newborn involves a lot of work. One should know about the signs and symptoms in newborns and should take the necessary actions for it. Infants are vulnerable and can have only breast milk in the early stages. They get all the antibodies from the mother’s breast milk.

So the mother should also take care of her health by following healthy diets. The baby gets its strength from the mother as the immune system of the baby is still in the developing stages. Therefore, one should follow the proper instructions given by the health experts for the mother and the baby to be healthy.


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