How Long After Parvo Vaccine Is Dog Protected (And Why)?

How Long After Parvo Vaccine Is Dog Protected (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up To Three Years

Parvovirus is used as a shorthand for Canine parvovirus, falling under contagious viruses, known for mainly affecting dogs. The virus is highly infectious and can spread from one dog to another through direct or indirect contact. The disease extends from the feces of the dogs.

Parvo vaccine is available for keeping a dog safe from this disease. However, if the dog is not vaccinated at the right time, then the virus can kill the dog, and the death rate of the virus is more significant than ninety percent. Wolves, Foxes, Skunks, and Cats are other mammals affected by the parvovirus.

How Long After Parvo Vaccine Is Dog Protected

How Long After Parvo Vaccine Is Dog Protected?

Parvovirus was first identified in 1978, and the virus spread at an exponential rate in dogs for the next one to two years. Since the disease was new and there was no vaccine available, thousands of dogs were infected by it, and many also died due to it. Canine parvovirus is ninety-eight percent identical to feline panleukopenia, which is also a type of parvovirus. The infection can also spread to unborn puppies in the mother’s womb if the mother is unaffected.

Dogs are suffering from parvovirus showing symptoms of illness and weakness in three to ten days after getting affected by the virus. Common symptoms include diarrhea, fever, vomiting, lethargy, and a few others. The primary signs of the virus are lethargy. After that, loss in weight can be observed, followed by diarrhea and regular vomiting. Dogs sometimes also vomit blood after getting infected by the virus. In the final stages of the infection, the White Blood Cells level in the body starts falling rapidly, resulting in death. The death rate of the virus is higher in younger animals.

Type Of Vaccine ShotDays After Taking The First Dose
Booster ShotOne year later
Regular ShotsEvery three years

After the first dose of the vaccine is given to the dog, a booster shot is given to the dog one year after it. After that, regular vaccine shots are given to the dog every three years. The owner must get the dog vaccinated at the right time; otherwise, there can be complications.

Why Does It Take That Long After Getting Parvo Vaccine For The Dog To Get Protected?

The time taken for an infected dog to recover from the virus depends on several factors such as how quickly the virus is diagnosed, how aggressive the treatment is, and the age of the infected dog. If the virus has affected the dog severely, it is crucial to hospitalize the dog due to dehydration and damage to the bone marrow and the animal’s intestines. A CPV test is done to confirm the virus’s presence and start the treatment at the earliest.

It takes that long for the parvo vaccine to protect the dog because as soon as the vaccine enters the dog’s body, it triggers the immune system to believe that something harmful has entered the body. But since there are no original viruses in the dog’s body, the immunity system gets trained to fight the virus if the virus indeed enters the body. Antigens are produced inside the body, and it takes time for the antigens to develop entirely and be effective.

It is believed that the virus will not harm a dog who has got the vaccine in the future. But this is not true; a dog might get infected by the virus even after getting a vaccine. However, the survival rate in such cases is very high compared to dogs who are not vaccinated. The vaccination must be done by an animal care specialist and not by any other individual.


Overall, it can be concluded that Parvovirus is a virus that is known to affect dogs and can be deadly if not treated at the earliest. The virus was first identified in 1978. Many symptoms are indicating the presence of the virus in a dog.

On average, a vaccine can keep the dog safe from the virus for a maximum of three years. Regular shots of the vaccine must be given to the dog every three years. In case a dog contracts the virus by accident, then the dog should be put under medical care immediately. Any negligence towards the virus can be fatal for the dog.


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