How Long After Drinking Can I Donate Blood (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 Hours

It is not advisable or appropriate to donate blood before smoking or drinking. If you want to donate blood for the good cause then you should wait for at least a day or two before you donate blood after drinking.

Some people might argue on this topic and they will say that there would be no effect if a person drinks and then donate blood. But, if you refrain from smoking at least two to three hours before donating blood then that would not affect much but you should not drink and donate blood.

How Long After Drinking Can I Donate Blood

How Long After Drinking Can I Donate Blood?

Is it advisable to donate blood after drinking heavily?No, you should not drink and donate blood. In case you want a drink then you should donate blood after 24 hours.
What will happen if you drink and donate blood?Because of the alcohol that is now inside your body, your blood vessels will dilate and the blood will circulate in your brain. This could lead to dizziness and the effects could be harmful in the long term.

Donating blood for a good cause is a great choice but you should take care of yourself before you take care of others. If your blood is of bad quality then it cannot be put to use directly and you do not want that if you want to donate for a good cause.

However, it is necessary to have a healthy diet and refrain from smoking and any other types of tobacco for at least 2-4 hours before donating blood. If you are a chain-smoker or if you are into some kind of drugs then you should not donate blood because more than good it will only do bad to your health.

Donate Blood

Once you have donated blood you can drink and take any other type of tobacco and you can also indulge in some kind of physical activity. Most people feel dizzy and it is normal to feel some weakness after donating blood so they are suggested not to indulge in any kind of physical activity soon after they had donated blood.

Why Does It Take That Long After Drinking To Donate Blood?

Once you are drunk several changes happen in your nervous system and also in your blood. So, this is one of the reasons why you should not donate blood soon after you have been drinking. Donating blood after drinking will make you feel dizzy and that could be harmful to you in the long term.

You can drink after you have donated blood but not soon after you have donated but you should wait for at least another 24 hours before you start drinking once again. If you are feeling weak and dizzy after donating blood then you should take a rest for the day.

If you think that you cannot donate blood while you are on some kind of medication then in that case you should know that it is completely safe to donate blood even if you are on some kind of medication. It is safe to donate blood for all kinds of medications if your condition is under control.

Donate Blood

Donating blood once in a while will not have any adverse effects on your body. On average a person can donate blood four times a year and there will be no effects because of it. But, this does not mean that you will not take care of your body because too much donation could make everything wrong inside your body.

You should refrain from smoking and drinking if you want to donate blood. You can smoke 2-4 hours before donating blood but if you end up drunk in the blood donating camp then you should try not to donate because it will only make your health worse.


In the end, you should know how to take care of yourself. Drinking once in a while will cause no harm but if you are addicted to it then it is a serious issue. Try to have a regular check-up and maintain a healthy life.

Once you have donated blood you need to eat properly and take a rest for a while. Do not indulge in some kind of activity for at least 12 hours after donating blood.


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