How Long After The Wedding Is The Honeymoon (And Why)?

How Long After The Wedding Is The Honeymoon (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Between 1 to 15 Days

Planning a honeymoon can be equally hectic and exciting for any newlywed couple, from deciding the destination, booking flights, hotel rooms and just the overall layout of the trip can be a cumbersome process. However that hardly ever dampers the high spirits of the newlyweds, and thus most couples ( up to 25%) go on their honeymoon on the very next day. 

Even the conception of the word “honeymoon” is as sweet as its sound, it is originated from Scandinavian nations where they were a ritual of consuming “fermented honey” during the first month of marriage, counted by the one full moon

How Long After The Wedding Is The Honeymoon

How Long After The Wedding Is The Honeymoon?

The whole idea of a honeymoon in the modern days is for the newlywed to relax and get to know each other better, away from the known faces or places, just slowly unwind and focus on one’s partner. However, the beginnings of “going on a honeymoon” were widely different from today’s version of it, as, in the 19th century, couples went to visit relatives who could not come for the wedding. In the late 19th century honeymoon was more like a “wedding gift to the bride” which was given to the newlywed by the groom’s family, to bond and travel together as a couple. A typical honeymoon is about 8 days long, including the time spend on flights or whatever is the mode of transport. As more and more couples choose various exotic and foreign places to spend their special days, it is slowly turning into a niche for the travel industry, where agents take care of the tickets and hotels while the newlyweds only relax and celebrate their love. 

Irrespective of culture, race, or even religion, a honeymoon is celebrated by couples all over the world. Thus the vast majority of the couples leave for a honeymoon just after tying their knot, and in a study done among 100 newlyweds the following trend was observed where:

Day After WeddingPercentage
Same day5.2%
Next Day24.4%
Two days19.6%
Three days9.6%
Four to seven days17.4%

Why Is The Honeymoon Late? 

There are three major types of honeymoon goers, the first type is where the couple goes off on their honeymoon on the day off or just the day after their wedding. But the major con of this is that the couple misses out on the after-party, gift-opening ceremony, and just an easy brunch after the most important days of their lives. And so many couples wait for a few days before going on their honeymoon, that way they can bid a proper farewell to their friends and families who come from outside the state if not the country. 


Also packing for the honeymoon can be a bit hectic, especially with the whole gift unwrapping, keeping away the wedding dress and gowns. The major con of this is kind of an anti-climatic, as the couple needs to wait for a few days just after their wedding high before they can be swept away for their honeymoon. Apart from this, sometimes the couple needs to wait for several months before they can go on their honeymoon. The reasons vary from a fast wedding, wherein the couple did not get time to book the destination from before, logistical issues, or even the weather may not be kind for travel. Maybe one of the partners has an important job or academic work to be taken care of before they can go on a holiday. However, the downside of this is that the honeymoon might end up being like any average holiday rather than a magical experience. 


The timing of the honeymoon entirely depends on the newlyweds, if they want to go on the honeymoon on the day off or several weeks or months after, it is entirely upon them to decide. It is important that they tailor-make it to their schedule, likings, and dislikings, and what they want from their honeymoon. Also, the duration of the honeymoon may vary from 8 weeks to even a month depending upon the couple. 


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    I see both sides of the ‘Why Is The Honeymoon Late?’ argument. It’s a relevant point that things like gift-opening ceremonies and packing are important considerations.

  8. This article is a really comprehensive guide to planning a honeymoon. I agree with the notion that timing can depend on the couple’s preferences and other factors.

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