How Long After a Tattoo Can You Train (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 48 hours

Tattoo, a permanent tattoo or pattern generated on the body by the application of pigment by skin ruptures The term is used loosely to refer to the induction of scars. Tattooed patterns are believed to offer supernatural immunity from illness or misfortune by different cultures, or they help to mask the wearer’s rank, status, or membership in a club.

The most popular reason for tattooing is for decoration. Just getting a tattoo is not an end to the process. After getting a tattoo a person might undergo some sort of pain as the process includes piercing the skin. For faster healing, the person might have to stay away from doing certain things which includes working out.

How Long After a Tattoo Can You Train


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How Long After a Tattoo Can You Train?

Do not work out for at least two days after the tattoo. Work out a few hours before your tattooing session if necessary, so you can get through the 48 non-workout hours without getting compelled to go to the gym. It is important to note that exercising too quickly will cause the tattoo to get dirty and infected, and you do not want to remove the bandages until the prescribed 24 hours. Apart from this the body part in which the tattoo is created also matters while working out.

Does work include pulling (Yes/No)Time to wait.
YesWait till the tattoo is healed. It might take a few weeks or sometimes months.
NoAfter 48 hours you can work out but a bit of care is important.

Inference from the above table: If your favorite exercises include pulling and rotating the tattooed patch, you must wait until it is fully healed before exercising. It may be two weeks, a month, or several months. For example, If the elbow has been tattooed,  movements like running and pushups can be avoided before the elbow joint has healed. If you have a tattoo on your forearm, working out your legs the next day is perfect. Moving and pulling the tattooed region will result in losing color and a disfigured tattoo, in addition to prolonging the healing process.

Why Does it Take That Long to Train after Tattoo?

There are various reasons to tell why a person must abstain from working out after getting a tattoo. The reasons include:

  1. Open wound
  2. Sweating
  3. Stretching and
  4. Friction

Getting a tattoo includes piercing the skin which is technically an open wound. An open wound is a door for germs to enter our bodies. As many people come and work out in the gym there is a chance for germs to enter through the tattoo.  When a person works out he/she tends to release heat and followed by sweating.

Sweating in the region where he/she has gotten a tattoo resulting in a distorted tattoo or the process of healing might also be delayed. Stretching might also result in a distorted tattoo or the healing process might be delayed.  Rubbing off the cloth or any kind of equipment available in the gym can irritated skin which leads to interference in proper healing.

Along with giving yourself time to recover, remember the scale and position of your new tattoo before choosing when to start working out again and what workouts to do. Try a casual stroll before sticking to a real workout. Keep track of whether the action tugs or pulls on your tattoo. If it does, exclude it from your exercise.

Consider workouts that do not require you to move around the freshly tattooed region. If your tattoo is on your lower body, for example, heart or arm work might be appropriate. If your tattoo is on your upper body, squats and lunges might be permissible. In certain cases, finding workouts that can be performed with new big tattoos, such as a whole back piece, can be challenging.


As it is always said that to gain something leaving something is necessary. In the same way, to get a perfect tattoo staying away from the gym is made necessary. Though a tattoo comes with side effects, they are many people these days showing interest to get a tattoo. Before getting anything done knowing the pros and cons is mandatory.

So a person needs to understand that he/she must abstain from doing certain things after getting a tattoo and also special care might be needed based on the place and length of the tattoo. There is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo but not taking proper care might lead to great loss.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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