How Long After Tubal Ligation Can I Drive (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 days

Tubal ligation is done by removing the fallopian tubes from the women’s body to prevent pregnancy permanently. In the having your tubes tied process, the doctor may block the fallopian tubes. The eggs need to reach the uterus for pregnancy to happen.

After tubal ligation, the eggs won’t be able to reach the uterus and this would not cause pregnancy. There will be many restrictions for a few days after the tubal ligation procedure. The women are not allowed to drive for around 7 days or more.

The expert or doctor would give the best suggestion about when the woman can resume driving.

How Long After Tubal Ligation Can I Drive

How Long After Tubal Ligation Can I Drive?

Tubal LigationHow Long After Tubal Ligation Can I Drive
Minimum time5 days
Maximum time7 days

In the tubal ligation process, the doctor will either tie or cut the fallopian tubes to prevent the traveling of eggs to the uterus. The doctor would make a few small incisions in the lower abdomen of the person to continue the procedure.

Sometimes, the women may ask for a reversal process to get pregnant again, but they may fail. The reversal process done by the doctor for tubal ligation may not be successful in most women. After the reversal of the tubal ligation process is done, the chances of ectopic pregnancy are high.

The tubal ligation requires the recommendation of a doctor and a full body check-up of the woman. The procedure should not be done under any pressure from the partner of the woman. Most of the time, the tubal ligation is done during the cesarean delivery of the women.

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Sometimes, the medical team will decide how to carry the process on the following terms:

If the woman is performing the tubal ligation with any other medical procedure.

The health condition of the women.                                                        

The outpatient procedure would require good recovery time. If the procedure doesn’t go well it may cause a post tubal ligation syndrome procedure. Some of the organs near the operative site may get damaged.

The chance of unwanted pregnancy increases if the tubal ligation fails in women. The incision site may experience bleeding and pain after the tubal ligation. The woman is supposed to run to the expert or doctor immediately after observing any side effects.

Why Can I Drive This Long After Tubal Ligation?

The recovery phase of tubal ligation would bring some symptoms of recovery. Symptoms such as bloating, fatigue, nausea, stomach cramping, and dizziness are common to observe after tubal ligation.

Most of the women would not find the tubal ligation process painful, but some may feel pain after the procedure. The women can get back to their normal life activities 24 hours after the operation.

The doctor will not allow the patient to drive a car for around 7 days as it would cause pressure on the abdomen area. The use of general anaesthesia would bring very few complications for the patient.

If anybody observes the pain getting worse with time, then the doctor should know about it. The contraception provided by tubal ligation would be extremely effective. The risk of peritoneal cancer or ovary cancer would get reduced after doing the tubal ligation.

The surgical risks of tubal ligation can be lowered by following the recovery routine suggested by the doctor.

There are many other methods to prevent pregnancy in women. The women can also go for bilateral salpingectomy in which both the fallopian tubes would get removed. The tubal ligation would not prevent the problems of sexually transmitted infections.

The women should stop using any other type of contraception after the tubal ligation.


The tubal ligation procedure is safe for women. The only problem is that the doctor can’t always reverse the procedure. Most of the women would face problems in getting pregnant after the tubal ligation. The patients should get all the pros and cons of tubal ligation before trying it out.

The diet of the patient after the operation would also predict the recovery time. The doctor may not allow the patients to drink alcohol for faster recovery.



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